Can an alto be on Broadway?

Can an alto be on Broadway?

Instead, it’ll probably include a voice range or it’ll be targeted to mezzo sopranos. What’s more, it’s very uncommon for a Broadway show to have an alto in the leading role. That’s actually a great thing for you — most alto roles in musicals are character roles.

How much does a lead role on Broadway make?

A famous actor or actress in a lead could receive $100,000 or more a week, especially if their contract calls for a percentage of ticket sales. And, as of 2017, with slight increases expected by 2019, the current minimum salary for an Equity performer on Broadway was $2,034 a week.

What is the hardest musical role to play?

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Top 10 Hardest Roles in Musicals

  • #8: Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde.
  • #7: Diana Goodman. “Next to Normal”
  • #6: The D’Ysquith Family. “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”
  • #5: Celie. “The Color Purple”
  • #4: Jean Valjean. “Les Misérables”
  • #3: Eva Perón. “Evita”
  • #2: Evan Hansen. “Dear Evan Hansen”
  • #1: Mama Rose. “Gypsy”

Can you be on Broadway without singing?

If you’ve ever wondered if you should audition for a musical when you can’t sing, the answer is, unequivocally: Yes! Musicals need all types of people: dancers, actors, singers, and people to fill the stage in big crowd numbers.

Is Donna Murphy an alto?

Alto. Examples of powerful altos include Angela Landsbury, Donna Murphy, Amber Gray, and Lindsay Mendez.

How do you become a Broadway actress?

Anybody passionate to learn how to become a Broadway star should constantly be taking voice lessons, acting classes, and dance classes. Take a theater dance class, a ballet class, and a tap class. Even when you’re a star, you should still be taking lessons. The best, most successful stars never stop training.

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What is the hardest female role on Broadway?

Hardest Female roles in Musical Theatre

  • Eva Peron in Evita.
  • Kim in Miss Saigon.
  • Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.
  • Maria in The Sound of Music.
  • Effie White in Dreamgirls.
  • Charity in Sweet Charity.
  • Elphaba in Wicked.
  • Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera.

How do you get an audition for Broadway?

Broadway Casting Calls If you don’t have an agent yet, another option is to go to an open casting call. These are posted online on websites like and You’ll often notice the phrase “Equity call” which means you have to be a member of the Actors’ Equity Association in order to audition.

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