Can I change my Branch in Amie?

Can I change my Branch in Amie?

Can we do AMIE in two different fields? – Quora. Yes you can. You can register for section B examinations in different branches and clear it. And you have to clear section A only once.

Which course is best after Amie?

After Passing AMIE


Can I complete Amie one year?

A Diploma holder needs to clear 13 subjects in AMIE. 4 subjects in Section A and 9 in Section B. In one semester a student can appear for 4 subjects. So he can complete both sectins A and B in 4 semesters (4+4+4+1).

How can I become chartered engineer?


  1. Having Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent recognised by Statutory Authority or Government of India;
  2. Minimum 5 years’, professional experience;
  3. Membership of recognised professional engineering institution / association;
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Can I complete Amie in 2 years?

In AMIE, there is two sections , namely section A & B . And 4 subjects are to be cleared in section A and 9 subjects is to be cleared in section B and project work and laboratory experiments. And you can opt only 4 subject in a semester/term. Now you can complete AMIE in minimum 2 year duration.

Is there a good scope after doing Amie?

Yes there is good scope after doing AMIE or one can say that scope is similar with BTech apart from campus placements, because there no campus. After AMIE, you can either join a job or go for a MTech and research. There is a good scope or not its all depends upon your further choices.

Can I do Amie in the same stream after diploma?

No , it is always advisable to complete the AMIE in same stream in which you have done diploma .

Is amie valid for government jobs or private jobs?

AMIE is valid for getting government jobs as well as for private jobs, AMIE is well recognized by the Central Government as well as all State Governments, so after passing AMIE a person is eligible for all the Government and Private jobs. After completing AMIE course you can apply for jobs in the following government companies-

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Is amie certification equivalent to a BTech degree?

Yes , AMIE certification is equivalent to a degree in engineering and all jobs and educative degree do consider it as a BTech degree . But I dont know why are you asking that wheather you can persue you master degree from AMIE. Yes , they do offer post graduation degree. Please check this link for further information.