Can police find my stolen MacBook?

Can police find my stolen MacBook?

You can still track your device’s location while it’s locked as long as it’s connected to the internet. If it’s offline, the actions will take effect the next time your Mac is online. Report your lost or stolen Mac to local law enforcement. Law enforcement may request the serial number of your Mac.

Can police track your Mac?

The only way of tracking it would be through it’s mac address (note ‘mac address’ has nothing to do with ‘Mac’). It cannot be tracked through the IP address because if it’s connected at a different location and probably through a different ISP then it will get a different IP address.

Can a stolen Mac be used?

If it turns out that your MacBook is a stolen device, you will have to hand it in, and the police will find its original owner. However, if the original owner is not found and no one claims it, you will have the option to get it returned to you.

Can Apple track a brand new stolen MacBook?

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Regarding the serial number, Apple does not track stolen property. It is not the job of Apple to track stolen property.

Does Apple track stolen serial numbers?

However, Apple does not maintain a serial number database in order to report a stolen device. They will provide some information to local police if requested under subpoena. If you activated Find My Phone before it was lost or stolen, you can track it only if it is connected to the Internet by Wi-Fi or cellular.

Does a MacBook have IMEI?

Apple desktop and laptop computers do not have IMEI numbers. However, they do have serial numbers. You can use the link below to discover your serial number, but the easiest way may be to locate the receipt from the purchase of the MacBook Air – it should show the serial number there.

What can police do with MAC address?

They do not track your MAC address. They track your phone. Or in actuality, police do not track it, except maybe FBI or such specialist organizations; it’s the phone company providing them with approximate location data based on your signal strength in relation to cell towers.

Can Apple block a stolen MacBook Pro?

Apple doesn’t help you or block anything. If you had Find My Mac enabled, then that will lock access unless the thief knows your Apple ID and password. You can determine what happens by going to the Find My Phone/Mac app on your web page.

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What do thieves do with stolen Macbooks?

Immediately sold to the highest bidder Once your laptop gets stolen, thieves will want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. They might sell it right out on the street to anybody willing to pay—money and the risk—for a suspiciously cheap laptop.

Can police track serial number?

Armed with a serial number, law enforcement can enter your stolen property into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) stolen items database. Just like every other aspect of modern life, there are apps to help you track serial numbers.

Can Apple block a serial number?

Apple does not have a procedure to ‘flag’ serial numbers as stolen in order to withhold support/assist in the recovery of stolen property. Not only is it a logistically difficult endeavor, but it raises serious safety concerns for individual support personnel.

Where can I find Mac IMEI?

On the surface of your product. On a Mac, by choosing About This Mac from the Apple menu. On an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod or Apple Watch, in Settings > General > About.

How do you track a stolen MacBook?

How to track a stolen MacBook on your iPhone. Launch the Find iPhone app. Log in with your iCloud username and password. Tap your MacBook in the list of devices. If a location is displayed on the map, it’s found your computer. Tap the MacBook in the centre of the screen. Tap Play Sound, Lock, or Erase Mac.

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What to do if your Mac gets stolen?

Register lost or stolen MacBook (important) Even if your MacBook becomes lost or stolen, you can still register it by adding it to your Apple ID ( By doing this, you’ll be able to see if someone brings it in for repair. Keep in mind that the new owner of your MacBook may not necessarily be the thief.

How to check the warranty status of any Apple device?

Head to Apple’s Check Coverage website .

  • Enter your device’s serial number.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a robot.
  • You’ll see four parts to your warranty status: Eligible for an AppleCare product: This lets you know if you’re still eligible to purchase AppleCare+for the device.
  • How do I Find my Mac computer?

    Find the MAC address Right-click on Local Area Connection and select Status. When the status window appears, click on the Details button. This opens the Network Connection Details window. Find the Physical Address in that window; that address is the MAC address of the computer.