Did Africans have writing systems?

Did Africans have writing systems?

Perhaps the most famous African writing system is ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. These developed later into forms known as Hieratic, Demotic and, through Phoenician and Greek, Coptic. As mentioned above, the Bohairic dialect of Coptic is used currently in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Which African countries have their own alphabet?

Ethiopia is the only African country with its own alphabet. It’s also the world’s oldest living alphabet – Ethiopic – and probably one of the longest with its 345 letters.

How many African writing systems are there?

There are fifteen African writing systems that predate English, yet ask around if Africa had writing before colonization and some people are likely to deny that Africa had any writing systems before 1500 AD. Not many people know that there are even African writing systems that predate Latin.

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What country in Africa has the longest name?

Can you name the longest names* of African countries?

Letters Country \% Correct
28 Democratic Republic of the Congo 97.5\%
22 Central African Republic 89.7\%
18 Republic of the Congo 88.9\%
11 South Africa 85.2\%

Which country has its own alphabet in the world?

Ethiopia is a country which has its own distinct alphabet, located in Eastern Africa.

Did Africans write their history?

The history of Africa has tended to rely on written evidence. But Africans had their own particular system of recording past events, situations and traditions, before Europeans started writing about it. This was based on collecting oral testimonies.

Which culture has the oldest alphabet indigenous to sub Saharan Africa?

The oldest written scripts ever discovered is the Proto Saharan, found by the Kharga oasis in what was known as Nubia in present day Sudan, so called by archaeologists. It dates from about 5000BC.

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