How can I use the word variety in a sentence?

How can I use the word variety in a sentence?

Variety sentence example

  • They chatted amiably about a variety of things.
  • We have a few kinds of prepackaged sandwich meats, but there’s a better variety at the counter.
  • The woman owned the variety store and was never without a smile and a good word.
  • “It isn’t the bigness, dear; its the variety ,” replied the girl.

What is the plural of variety?

variety. noun. va·​ri·​ety | \ və-ˈrī-ə-tē \ plural varieties.

Does Variety take plural verb?

usage note for variety As a collective noun, variety, when preceded by a, is often treated as a plural: A variety of inexpensive goods are sold here. When preceded by the, it is usually treated as a singular: The variety of products is small.

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What means wide variety?

A large number of people or things. plurality. multiplicity. profusion. diversity.

What does it mean to live in a world full of variety?

Biodiversity is a term used to describe the enormous variety of life on Earth. It can be used more specifically to refer to all of the species in one region or ecosystem. Biodiversity refers to every living thing, including plants, bacteria, animals, and humans.

What is variety according to use?

In sociolinguistics, language variety—also called lect—is a general term for any distinctive form of a language or linguistic expression. Linguists commonly use language variety (or simply variety) as a cover term for any of the overlapping subcategories of a language, including dialect, register, jargon, and idiolect.

Is Variety a subject?

the variety itself, where it is treated as a main subject.

What is the verb of variety?

variegate. (transitive) to add variety to something; to diversify. (transitive) to change the appearance of something, especially by covering with patches or streaks of different colour.

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Can you say wide variety?

Senior Member. In an ordinary statement, both are fine. Adding “wide” just means the variety is big. “Wide” is the usual adjective for this: we say wide variety instead of big variety.

Is Variety a type?

variety noun (TYPE) a different type of something: The article was about the different varieties of Spanish spoken in South America. varietyThe article was about the different varieties of Spanish spoken in South America.

What is novelty and variety?

As nouns the difference between variety and novelty is that variety is the quality of being varied; diversity while novelty is the state of being new or novel; newness.