Is flower boy a good album?

Is flower boy a good album?

While Flower Boy didn’t sell like DAMN., it was a very personal album that had amazing production from start to finish, great features throughout the entire album, but what sets Flower Boy apart is that this was the album Tyler had been trying to make since the start of his career.

Is Flower Boy Tyler’s best album?

Flower Boy is ranked 2nd best out of 8 albums by Tyler, The Creator on The best album by Tyler, The Creator is Igor which is ranked number 327 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 6,026.

What does the album cover of Flower Boy mean?

Genius Annotation. Genius Annotation 5 contributors. Tyler uses a garden shed as a representation of a hiding place. This draws parallels to the phrase “coming out of the closet,” which is a metaphor for someone revealing they’re gay. In French, “garçons” means “boys.”

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What genre is Tyler the Creator flower boy?

Flower Boy/Genres

What genre is Igor by Tyler the Creator?


Who is Tyler the Creator’s mother?

Titled “Momma Talk,” the appearance takes the shape of a minute-long monologue in which Tyler’s mother, Bonita Smith, recounts the lengths she went to to protect Tyler (whose last name is Okonma) when he was a kid growing up in Hawthorne: “I’d kill a motherf— over this one right here,” she says, pride coursing through …

Why did Tyler the Creator make flower boy?

Tyler felt that the general response to Cherry Bomb was poor and he wanted to deliver an album that succeeded it well. The official title was originally thought to be Scum Fuck Flower Boy but was later confirmed simply as Flower Boy shortly prior to release.

Why does Tyler the Creator like bees?

What is the significance of the bee covering Tyler’s face? He was specific about the type and angle of the bee, and very clear that he wanted it covering his face, which I really like.

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What is a flower boy in Korea?

The term “flower boy” is something that’s been around Korean entertainment culture for a very long time. Flower boys can be defined as boys who have feminine features, are pretty, have aegyo, are well-groomed, but can also be manly!

What makes Tyler the creator’s ‘Flower Boy’ different from other albums?

Flower Boy is 17-minutes shorter than the average Tyler album with more understated transitions and less disorder and chaos. He has been known to overthink things or get too cute with compositions, tagging on eight-minute posse cuts, piecing together mismatched songs, adding attachments and embellishments where they aren’t needed.

What makes flower boy so special?

Flower Boy gingerly disentangles a knot of personal and complicated thoughts and feelings through the lens of flashbacks and love songs. So subdued, wistful, permissive, and relatable, are these songs—they are Tyler’s most refined to date. Collectively, they’re a kaleidoscopic sonic wonder.

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What is Tyler the creator’s music style?

Tyler, the Creator ’s music has often been defined by exclusion. He was furious when rap blogs refused to post Odd Future songs. He has gleefully responded to being banned from countries. His songs attempted to reconcile with a divided fanbase.