Is it good to take science after 10th?

Is it good to take science after 10th?

It’s true, students who want to take up Science as a stream after class 10 have a set personality type. Most of them are introverts and believe in contemplation….Is A Career In Science After 10 Really For You?

Course & Career Options Subject Combinations
10. B.Sc Computer Science 10+2 with Computer Science
11. B.Sc Electronics Physics,Chemistry, Maths

Can I take science stream with basic maths?

Yes, you can opt for Science in +2 but you cannot opt for Mathematics or have it even as the additional subject. Students opting for basic mathematics can take up Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science of IP in classes 11 and 12.

What is the importance of CBSE Class 10th?

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CBSE Class 10th is the basis of further achievements in a student’s life. The Class 10 boards are one of India’s most popular board exams as they are conducted on an all-India level. A good result in the secondary examination to a great extent decides which stream one has to choose for making a bright career.

What are the CBSE pass fail rules for Class 10 board?

CBSE pass fail rules for class 10 board exams 2018 have been changes. The new rules will be applicable from session 2017-18. Now there is no CCE so students will get marks alongwith grades. Class 10 report card will bear marks out of 100. These marks will include marks obtained in internal assessment too.

How to prepare for science class 10 CBSE science?

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips Science 1 Practise balancing the reactions. 2 Learn the nomenclature of Carbon compound containing functional groups and common name od salts. 3 Do not miss the Saponification and Cleansing action of Soap. 4 Remember the first and last elements present in the periodic table.

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How to prepare for Class 10 board exam in 1 month?

Read on to find more about how to prepare for Class 10 board exam in 1 month. The most important thing that is needed for the CBSE 10th board preparation is the regular practice and assessment in mathematics and science. Feel relaxed while preparing for exams, don’t pressurize yourself.