What are the best ferries to take in Greece?

What are the best ferries to take in Greece?

The main ferry companies in Greece, in no particular order:

  • SeaJets – Athens to the Cyclades and Crete.
  • Blue Star Ferries – Athens to the Cyclades and the Dodecanese.
  • Hellenic Seaways – Athens to several groups of islands in the Aegean Sea.
  • Golden Star Ferries – Athens to the Cyclades.

Are ferries in Greece reliable?

The Greek ferry system is well developed and very reliable and hundreds of thousands of people use them every year. Over 10 trips to Greece we have had 1 ferry canceled due to really bad weather and last year due to a strike.

What is the best way to get around the Greek islands?

The best way to travel among these islands is by boarding a fast ferry. The ferry travel times between these Greek islands vary from 2 hours to 45 minutes (Paros-Naxos). The three islands can also make an excellent escape from the bustle of Santorini and are perfect options for a one-day trip or a weekend away.

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What is the best transportation in Greece?

The most popular way of transport to Greece is, of course, the plane. The International Airport of Athens El. Venizelos serves most flights from abroad and from there tourists go by another plane or ferry to the islands.

Are Greek ferries expensive?

Greek ferries are half the cost of most European ferries, good value considering the distances involved. They are essentially fixed prices proportional to distance, high speed ones twice the price roughly. The same price if booked directly with ferry company or if you buy them in the island ticket agencies.

Are ferries expensive in Greece?

Overnight ferries like those going to Crete, Rhodes and Lesvos will cost around 35 euro for deck(economy) and double that for a cabin. That’s per person for the cheapest cabin. Ferries that go to Aegina are like buses that come and go all day and cost about 4 euro and 8 or 10 for the Flying Dolphins.

Why are Greek ferries so expensive?

You get the cost from the Greek ferry websites, fares are proportional to distance, fast ferries are roughly twice the price of conventional ones. Some days there might be a choice other days maybe only the fast ones. From there to the company websites for prices and bookings.

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Is it easy to island hop in Greece?

There’s nothing quite like spotting the shoreline from a sun-drenched ferry deck or sailing into a vibrant port. In Greece, getting there is an essential part of the adventure and, thankfully, island hopping is a breeze.

Which is better Santorini or Mykonos?

The scenery, views, sunsets, and natural beauty of Santorini are unrivaled by Mykonos or any other Greek island. Mykonos is not without its beautiful spots but for scenes that are truly jaw-dropping, Santorini wins hands-down. Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Santorini?

4 to 10 hours
How long is the ferry ride from Athens (Piraeus) to Santorini? The Athens to Santorini ferry time is usually 4 to 10 hours. The duration of the trip to Santorini depends mainly on the type of vessel and the ferry company that serves this crossing.

Is there a rail system in Greece?

The Greek railway system is served by OSE, the Greek train organization. Note that in the route Athens-Thessaloniki, there is also an Intercity Train that covers the route in 4 hours, while the normal train needs about 6 hours.

How is ferry travel in Greece?

Greek ferries do not run between every island . They generally run between Athens and every island and then to nearby islands. The Cyclades are the best islands for the first time visitor to Greece: frequent, short ferry connections with the other islands makes hopping between islands fun and easy.

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Are ferry cancellations common in Greece?

Cancellations are not common, and rare in smaller ferries which most people will never use. Really rough weather itself is rare, it’s very breezy at times, but rarely enough to stop the ferries. Flights can also be cancelled with aircraft problems etc.

Are there ferries between the islands?

There is ferry service between islands that are not too distant from one another (such as Tahiti and Moorea or Bora Bora and Maupiti) while cargo schooners take longer routes with more picturesque views, and sailing to the Leeward Islands, the Tuamotu Islands, the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas and the Austral Islands, offer cabins and occasionally a space on deck.

Where do you catch the ferries from Athens?

There are two ferry ports that serve Athens – Piraeus is closer to the city, and Rafina is closer to the airport. Most travelers will want to use Piraeus, as it is easy to access via central Athens and serves the most ferry routes to the islands. Mykonos to Santorini – Daily ferries usually run from late March to early October.