What happens if a pump has too much head?

What happens if a pump has too much head?

A pump having a higher head rating can create a higher water column. A higher head AND flow rating means more water, higher.

What does maximum head mean on a water pump?

Maximum Head Lift is the total height from the source of the water to the destination or drainage point. This provides the power to move water over a distance.

What is the significance of head in pump?

Simply stated: a pump’s head is the maximum height that the pump can achieve pumping against gravity. Intuitively, if a pump can produce more pressure, it can pump water higher and produce a higher head.

What happens if pump head is too low?

If the operating point is below the pump curve, the problem could be the pump, the system or possibly the pumpage. For any specific flow rate, there is a corresponding amount of head. The impeller design dictates a specific flow rate at which the pump will perform most efficiently—its best efficiency point (BEP).

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Why head is used instead of pressure in pumps?

The main reason for using head instead of pressure to measure a centrifugal pump’s energy is that the pressure from a pump will change if the specific gravity (weight) of the liquid changes, but the head will not change. Head is related to the velocity that the liquid gains when going through the pump.

What does submersible pump head mean?

Head is the height at which a pump can raise water up, that’s it, it’s that simple. Connect a tube to the discharge of a pump and measure the water height, that the head of the pump.

What affects pump head?

As mentioned above, Total Head = Pump Head – Suction Head. If the water level is higher than the pump, then the suction head is negative and the pump head will increase. This is because the water entering the pump applies additional pressure at the suction.

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How do you increase head height on a pump?

Throttle the valve by reducing the flow thus increasing the head. Reducing the flow also helps to reduce the frictional losses along the discharge line, so it will see an increase in pressure. Reducing the discharge pipe size will have adverse effect as it will increase the frictional losses across a smaller pipe.

Why pump suction is greater than discharge?

The differential head is Discharge head – suction head. So the discharge pressure has to be greater than the suction. Suction pressure diameter is usually 1 size higher than discharge, because we need minimum resistance in the suction side to reduce the losses and increase the NPSHa.

What is difference between high head and low head pump?

Feet of head is a term used in pool system design to calculate the amount of resistance to water flow in your pool system. The more resistance the higher the feet of head. High Head pumps will handle more resistance (maintain a higher column of water); Medium Head pumps will handle lower levels of resistance.

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