What happens when you like a comment on YouTube?

What happens when you like a comment on YouTube?

When someone likes your comment, it suggests they agree with your sentiments or at least find what you’re saying funny, thoughtful, or even encouraging. It’s only natural to want to find out who these people are, even if it’s just their names and where they come from.

Can people see when I like a comment?

The person who wrote the comment will get notified that you liked it. They will not get a notification that you then unliked it. Well if you go the comment then you can see that you liked it if the heart shape next to the comment is red.

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Can YouTubers see who likes their videos?

YouTubers cannot see who liked or disliked their videos, this is completely anonymous, and all of the videos you like are saved to a private playlist called “Liked videos”. The only thing that a YouTuber can see is the number of likes and dislikes they receive.

Can someone see if you like and unlike a comment?

An unliked post will disappear very shortly from their notifications after you liked it in the first place. As such, if they only check Instagram intermittently, your bad, terrible, horrendous like will be invisible to them.

Can my friends see if I am mentioned in a comment?

If someone has mentioned you in a comment on Facebook, only you’ll get a notification and any person can see you mentioned in a comment as long as the person who mentioned you didn’t delete the mention/comment or if the post you’re mentioned in is set to Public. Hope it help.

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What’s the point of disliking comments on YouTube?

The dislike button on a comment is designed to assist YouTube in identifying viewer sentiment and increase engagement on a particular video. Engagement is the key to YouTube and what viewers opine is essential to YouTube forms an important part of YouTube’s suggested videos algorithm.

How can you tell who disliked your YouTube video?

The dislike button itself is staying put, so viewers can continue to dislike videos to tune their recommendation algorithm, and creators can view their exact dislike counts in YouTube Studio under the engagement tab.