What is opposite word of a lot of?

What is opposite word of a lot of?

Opposite of an indefinitely large number of. few. little. a trickle of.

What is the opposite many?

Antonym of Many

Word Antonym
Many Some, Few
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What is the opposite of too much?

Opposite of exceeding the usual bounds of something. little. conservative. inconsequential. moderate.

What can we use instead of a lot of?

Synonyms & Antonyms of a lot

  • astronomically,
  • big-time,
  • broadly,
  • colossally,
  • considerably,
  • enormously,
  • extensively,
  • greatly,

Is opposite of many less?

To be precise the opposite of many is “ few”. Generally, “few” would be the opposite of “many.” “Few” usually means at least 3 of whatever is being spoken about.

Is little opposite of many?

“Indeed, many are called, but few are chosen.”…What is the opposite of many?

a little a few
a handful a limited amount
a piddling amount a small amount
a trifling amount one or two
a small number a tiny amount
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What is the meaning of a lot of?

Definition of a lot of : a large number or amount of (things, people, etc.)

What is the meaning of immoderately?

/ɪˈmɑː.dɚ.ət.li/ in a way that is more than is usual or reasonable, or is too much : They see themselves as basically, even immoderately, good. My friend laughed immoderately at my predicament.

What is the meaning of excessively?

excessive, immoderate, inordinate, extravagant, exorbitant, extreme mean going beyond a normal limit. excessive implies an amount or degree too great to be reasonable or acceptable.