What is the benefits of Prithvi Mudra?

What is the benefits of Prithvi Mudra?

Regular practice of this mudra helps to improve the body strength. It keeps the body stable. Improves self confidence, gets rid of confusion, anxiety, fearfulness, fickle mindedness. Makes the body and mind more stable and concentrated.

How long should we do Prithvi Mudra?

Duration and Time for practicing Prithvi Mudra Begin with practicing this hand gesture for about a minimum of 10 minutes to 30 minutes every day in the morning or evening times as per one’s convenience. For therapeutic benefits one must practice Prithvi mudra for a minimum of 30-40 minutes per sitting every day.

Does Prithvi Mudra increase height?

Therefore, Prithvi Mudra is very beneficial for weak children, women, and individuals. It also helps to increase the weight of weak people. Removes the deficiency of vitamins in the body, in which our energy increases and the face glows. It is helpful in increasing height and weight.

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What is Earth mudra?

Earth Mudra. The mudra to connect to the Earth element is called Prithvi Mudra. Prithvi is one of the Sanskrit words for ‘earth’. The ring finger holds the energy of Earth in the body. Sealing the ring finger to the thumb, which is the energy of Fire, nourishes and amplifies the energy of Earth within the body.

What are the benefits of Varuna mudra?


  • Regular practice of this mudra helps in the proper circulation in the body.
  • Due to the involvement of jala mahabhoota, dryness of skin can be reduced.
  • The Varun Mudra helps in clear ideation of thoughts, smooth communication.
  • Balances water element in the body.
  • Balances Kapha DOsha.

Who should not do Surya mudra?

Since too much heat can cause other issues, the practice of Surya Mudra comes with certain precautions. These are explained below: Students having a strong Pitta Dosha should avoid the practice of this mudra since it will increase the already excess heat in the body.

How long does it take for Mudras to work?

“Some of the mudras can balance an element in the body in 45 minutes or less, while others have an immediate effect,” says Joshi.

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What is bhairava Mudra?

Bhairava Mudra is a Samyukta Hasta (the use of both hands) mudra, practiced with the placing of the hands one above the other, and with the palms facing up. The hands are placed just below the navel, resting on the lap when seated either on the mat or chair.

How can I practice Varuna Mudra?

To perform this mudra, the tip of the little finger and the tip of the thumb touch with light pressure, and the other three fingers remain comfortably extended.

Which mudra is best for hair growth?

Vayu mudra
The Vayu mudra is a very important mudra to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Perform this mudra in the Vajrasana position. This will bring a more peaceful state of mind and also aid in digestion. The vayu mudra balances the air element in the body.

What is the benefits of Surya mudra?

The Surya Mudra or the Agni Mudra, as it is known traditionally, represents the fire element. Performing this mudra activates the fire energy in the body, and allows you to restore the fire balance. Doing the mudras allow the fingers to form connections and facilitate the flow of energy in the body.

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What is Prithvi mudra?

Here we will see a mudra that balances the earth and fire element in the body, that is The Prithvi Mudra. Prithivi Mudra is a simple hand gesture made up of ring finger & thumb to bring the earth element of the body in balance. By bringing the earth element in balance, you can connect with your individual self more easily.

Why is Prithvi-Vardhak mudra called Agni-shamak mudra?

So Prithvi-Vardhak Mudra means Prithvi increasing Mudra or Earth increasing Mudra. As Prithvi is dominant, which means Agni is Inferior. So by this property of Earth Mudra, it is named Agni-Shamak Mudra.

What is Tattva mudra Vijnana?

Yoga Tattva Mudra Vijnana associates these five elements to five fingers of a human being. As our fingers have the characteristic of these elements, and each of these five elements has a specific and essential function inside the body. The use of Mudras adjusts the flow of energy – affecting the balance of air, fire, water, earth, ether

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic mudra?

It is considered to be a powerful mudra, capable of healing many ailments, such as chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, weight loss, convalescence or paralysis, burning sensations throughout the body, ulcers, and nail, hair or skin issues.