What was the inspiration for the Macintosh?

What was the inspiration for the Macintosh?

The original Mac prototype was based on a Motorola 6809 – a half-way house between the old 6800 8-bit processor and the new 68000 16-bit processor. There were engineers at the time who claimed that with careful coding the 6809 was actually faster than the 68000. It also had a 256 by 256 monochrome bit-mapped screen.

What happened to the Macintosh Apple?

The apple became popular after 1900, when the first sprays for apple scab were developed. A house fire damaged the original McIntosh tree in 1894; it last produced fruit in 1908, and died and fell over in 1910.

What is the significance of the Alto computer to the history of user interface design?

At Xerox PARC, Thacker led the project that developed the Alto, the first personal computer, in 1973. Alto used a bitmap display in which everything on the computer screen was, in effect, a picture and had a graphical user interface in which programs were shown in windows that could be manipulated by using a mouse.

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Was the Macintosh a failure?

In that same interview, Wozniak said that the original Macintosh “failed” under Jobs and that it was not until Jobs left that it became a success. He attributed the eventual success of the Macintosh to people like John Sculley “who worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away”.

Did Apple use Xerox PARC’s GUI in the development of the Macintosh?

It is claimed again and again that in the course of the Macintosh’s development, Apple just resorted to the ideas the research laboratory Xerox PARC had hatched before. Fact or Fiction? The myth says, Apple CEO Steve Jobs saw Xerox PARC product, such as the GUI, either on a tour or at a trade show.

Did Steve Jobs use Xerox PARC to create the Apple Lisa?

He then used the PARC GUI implementation without permission, to create the Apple Lisa and the original Mac OS / Macintosh GUI. The myth entwines about a late 1979 visit to Xerox PARC by a group of Apple engineers and executives led by Steve Jobs. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, author of “Making the Macintosh”, writes:

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How much did the Xerox Alto cost at launch?

Lead engineer Charles Thacker noted that the first one cost Xerox $12,000. As a product, the price tag might have been $40,000. Commercial for the Xerox Alto (1972).

What is the history of xxerox Parc?

Xerox PARC was founded in 1970. Like Apple, it displayed a remarkable savvy in its hiring.