Which country has the most British people?

Which country has the most British people?

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) estimates

Rank Country Number of British residents, 2006
1 Australia 1,300,000
2 Spain 761,000
3 United States 678,000
4 Canada 603,000

Which country has the most British expats?

Top 10 Countries Brits Choose Over the UK

Rank Country
1 Australia
3 Canada
4 Spain

How many British citizens are there in the world?

British people

Total population
British c. 72 million British diaspora c. 200 million
Regions with significant populations
United Kingdom 57,678,000
United States 72,065,000 (2015) 678,000

How many Brits live in Australia?

1 million Brits
Over 1 million Brits live in Australia – the most popular destination in the world for UK expats. It is also home to at least 100,000 Americans – with 1 in 4 of Australian residents born overseas there is a large expat community whatever your nationality.

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What’s the best country to move to from UK?

7 Top Countries for UK Expats to move to in 2020

  • Australia. Top of our list is the land down under – notorious for its endless summers.
  • Spain. Spain has always been a prime location for UK migration; home to beautiful beaches and first class healthcare.
  • Canada.
  • New Zealand.
  • France.
  • USA.

Where do UK emigrants go?

Australia has consistently been the most popular destination country for British emigrants over the last 20 years. Other key destinations for British emigrants include Spain, the USA, France, Germany, Canada and New Zealand.

Is the UK more expensive than Australia?

While consumer prices (overall) are 12\% lower in the UK, the purchasing power is 16\% lower (because of lower pay). Life is overall better in Australia, friends. It will be even more obvious after Brexit when the food prices in the UK will shoot up.

Can a Brit move to Australia?

By far the majority of people emigrating to Australia do so via a General Skilled Migration visa. This is based on a system that gives you points based on your age, education, work experience, English proficiency, state sponsorship and whether or not you already have a relative living in the country.

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How powerful is the UK passport compared to other countries?

The UK has slipped to joint-sixth in a table of the world’s most powerful passports. The Henley Passport Index ranks countries according to the number of destinations passport holders can visit without a pre-arranged visa, which decreased for the UK this year.

What are the security features of the UK passport?

The security features. The UK passport is a universally trusted document. It allows British nationals to prove who they are in a wide range of situations, and the freedom to move around the world.

How many countries can UK passport holders travel without a visa?

The number of countries UK passport holders can visit without a pre-arranged visa has fallen to 185. Photograph: Richard Gardner/REX/Shutterstock The number of countries UK passport holders can visit without a pre-arranged visa has fallen to 185. Photograph: Richard Gardner/REX/Shutterstock

How many different types of British passports are there?

Types of British passports Category Country code Valid passports as at 31 Dec 2020 British Overseas citizens GBO 11,364 British subjects with right of abode in GBS 29,048 British subjects without right of abode GBS 720 British protected persons GBP 1,159

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