Why do iyengars not worship Shiva?

Why do iyengars not worship Shiva?

Meaning: The wise ones do not worship brahmA, Shiva, and other devatAs, because the fruits that they give are limited.

Is Vishwaksena and Ganesha same?

Worship. Vishvaksena occupies an important place in the Vaikhanasa sect of Vaishnavism, the sect dedicated to Vishnu. This role is similar to that of Ganesha, who generally is the first worshipped god in Hinduism, especially Shaiva (dedicated to the god Shiva) traditions.

Do Buddhist worship Lord Ganesha?

Ganesha also appears in Buddhism, not only in the form of the Buddhist god Vināyaka, but also portrayed as a Hindu deity form also called Vināyaka. His image may be found on Buddhist sculptures of the late Gupta period.

Can a Vaishnava worship Shiva?

Shiva is a barbaric God. It is also called Vishnuism since it considers Vishnu as the Supreme Being, ie Mahavishnu. (OC) They are the Hindu sects, which revere Vishnu . He was a devotee of Vishnu(a Vaishnava) and a Brahmin.So,he can not be hostile to Shiva and for that matter to any other Gods.

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Is Vishnu a Dravidian God?

Originally Answered: Is Vishnu a dravidian god? He is a Dravidian god also. He is called Maalon in Sangam literature. Still now he has a name Thirumal and there is a temple popularly called Azhagar Kovil in Madurai whose original name is Thirumalirum solai which means Garden Abode of Vishnu.

Do Buddhists pray Hindu gods?

Alongside their Buddhist beliefs, many Thais worship Hindu deities. He is the deity Thai Buddhists often pray to before they start an important venture — just as Hindus in Nepal and India do at Ganesh temples.

Is Buddha also a Hindu god?

In the Vaishnavite sect of Hinduism, the historic Buddha or Gautama Buddha, is the ninth avatar among the ten major avatars of the god Vishnu. In contemporary Hinduism the Buddha is revered by Hindus who usually consider “Buddhism to be another form of Hinduism”.