Can you get an E2 visa with a franchise?

Can you get an E2 visa with a franchise?

Franchise businesses are very suitable for the E2 visa and enjoy a number of advantages. Investing in a franchise business also allows foreign entrepreneurs to present professionally prepared operations manuals, marketing, and training materials in their E2 visa applications. …

What are the most common businesses to buy for an E2 visa?

10 lucrative businesses to invest in and get the E2 visa

  • Gastronomy. Food companies tend to thrive anywhere in the world and the United States is no exception.
  • Construction.
  • Home Services.
  • Education.
  • Factories.
  • Tourism.
  • Pets.
  • Personal care.

How much do I need to invest for E2 visa?

$100,000 US
Generally, the applicant should be prepared to invest at least $100,000 US dollars in the enterprise to have a good E2 visa case. The actual amount required will depend on the type of business the investor chooses. Investments less than $100,000 may potentially qualify for some low cost start-up businesses.

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Can I applying for E2 visa while in the US?

The most common way to obtain this visa is to use the E2 visa consular processing method. If you are already in the United States on a different visa, however, then the next step is to file an I-129 form to request a change to the E2 nonimmigrant status.

How long does the E2 process take?

The processing time for an E2 visa varies by Consulate anywhere from about two weeks to four months. After an initial review is completed, the Consulate will set up an interview with the applicant. If the E2 visa is approved, it may take up to a week for the visa itself to be issued.

Can I buy a gas station for E2 visa?

Throughout the US you will always find a gas station for sale. Many of them have a price tag that just suits the E2 visa seeker. $250,000 will buy a well situated gas station with a stable flow of customers which would ensure your income will be more than liveable for you and your family.

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How many E2 visas are issued each year?

In the EB-5 visa’s shadow, the E-2 treaty investor visa has rapidly grown to over 43,000 approved on an annual basis. This represents over four times the number of EB-5 visas issued in 2017!

How much money do you need for an investment visa?

The standard minimum investment amount has increased to $1.8 million (from $1 million) to account for inflation. The minimum investment in a TEA has increased to $900,000 (from $500,000) to account for inflation.

How long can I stay in the US after my E2 visa expires?

Your E-2 visa expires on June 1, 2022. As mentioned above, the I-94 governs your stay in the U.S. and you are permitted to stay in the U.S. on your E-2 status until February 14, 2021 (the date when your I-94 expires), and not until June 1, 2022 (when your E-2 visa expires).

Are franchises suitable for E2 visa?

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Normally, franchise businesses are easier to understand for the purpose of E2 visa and can be helpful in proving that the investment is substantial. Franchises are very suitable for E2 Visa and enjoy a number of advantages when compared to standalone businesses.

How can I get an E2 visa for a pizza restaurant?

You can apply for E2 visa through buying an existing and already operational business. This might be an standalone pizza cafeteria or a franchise business. So you inherit a customer base and current financial situation of the business.

Is there a minimum business size for an E2 investor visa?

While the E2 Visa law does not specify a minimum business size to qualify for the E2 investor visa, it requires that the investor must not invest in a marginal enterprise solely for the purpose of earning a living.

Why buying a franchise business?

Buying a franchise business allows E2 Visa applicants to present prepared operating manuals, marketing materials and other information more professionally in their E2 Visa applications. I don’t have business experience!