Are INFPs slow?

Are INFPs slow?

INFPs really don’t like being rushed through things, and most of the time prefer to take life a little it slower. INFPs really aren’t likely to become upset if someone is moving a bit too slow, instead they might enjoy having the extra time to think things through themselves.

Why is INFP slow?

It’s because the INFP holds such personal grudges/gripes with bad experiences all the time, exacerbating them and placing such thoughts with upmost importance. This causes them to weigh such thoughts as a priority, thus making them prone to experiencing more emotional turmoil.

Why do people think INFPs are weird?

INFPs have strong inner morals which makes it important for them to stand up for what they believe in. INFPs are dreamers with rich inner minds and imaginations, and this in and of itself can make them seem strange or even awkward to others. They can seem like their minds are somewhere else, because they often are.

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What are INFPs attracted to?

INFPs are often very attracted to intelligence and someone who uses their mind in a unique way. They are drawn to people who do not think like the rest of the world and instead have their own way of approaching things.

What is it like to be around an INFP?

The subtle way in which an INFP manipulates others’ emotions is masterful, and the end results can be wonderful. Those fortunate enough to be around healthy INFPs feel like they can achieve anything.

Are INFPs emotionally inauthentic?

INFPs can even go so far as to sacrifice themselves, and live an inauthentic life, so that someone else can actualize their dreams. This, of course, eventually leads to resentment and emotional outbursts. What stands in the way of full actualization of a balanced INFP is the following patterning:

What is INFP idealism?

Idealism. INFPs care deeply for others and believe it is their duty to make a positive impact on the lives of other people in any way they can. Because of this unbreakable commitment, INFPs are capable of great self-sacrifice, and they won’t compromise their ethical standards for personal benefit.

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What is the most admirable quality of INFPs?

Sticking to your morals is admirable, but in the real world it may be impossible to accomplish anything unless the INFP can find a way to give and take a little and find practical, if imperfect, solutions to problems. Selflessness.