Are old saxophones good?

Are old saxophones good?

That should destroy the myth that old saxophones are inherently better than new saxophones. Of course, the great old saxophones are still great, as long as they are properly maintained, they just really aren’t better in general than modern horns, and definitely not as easy to play.

How much is a Selmer saxophone worth?

Prices range from $4099 to $4879. Reference Lines. The quintessential Selmer saxophone, Reference 36 and Reference 54 Firebird are designed with the discerning professional in mind and produce a sound similar to that of the legendary Mark VI. Prices weigh in at a hefty $5299 to $7149, and quantities are limited.

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Are old saxophones worth anything?

Gold-plated examples dating from the ’40s are worth $1,000, silver-plated ones about $800, and brass ones around $650, says Dr. Rick and Terry Dean, who buy, sell and appraise old saxophones, flutes, clarinets and related odd or unusual instruments. Those dating from the ’50s would be worth less, they say.

What is a vintage saxophone?

The term vintage saxophone has been used to describe everything from 100+ year-old horns—which would really be considered antiques in the truest sense of the word—to modern horns with a faux vintage finish. For example, this is my Evette & Schaeffer HP baritone from 1886. This is, in fact, an antique.

How much does a good saxophone cost?

Beginner saxophones usually range in cost from $800 to $2,700. Intermediate, or step-up saxophones usually range in cost $2,000 to $3,000 and entry level pro saxophones (still largely played by advanced students) around $3,000 and up.

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What country is the alto saxophone originally from?

Alto saxophone/Place of origin

How do I sell a vintage saxophone?

The options are actually quite simple and include: Craigslist, eBay, Reverb, consign through a shop, or sell whole sale to a music retailer. There are a couple of key points to remember when selling anything of value: The higher the price, the longer it will take to sell.

Does Selmer still make saxophones?

Today, Selmer Paris is a leading manufacturer and the choice instrument of clarinet and saxophone professionals around the world. The instruments continue to be hand-crafted in Paris with the fourth generation of Selmer family members leading the company.

How much is a alto sax worth?

What kind of saxophone is this Selmer?

If you’re referring to the Selmer Omega model 162 from the 1980’s, I definitely concur with you. This was marketed as a pro sax back then and was the product of a design collaboration between Selmer USA and Paris.

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What are the best professional alto saxophone brands?

51JS Professional Soprano Saxophone 52AXOS Professional Alto Saxophone 52JBL Professional Alto Saxophone 52JGP Professional Alto Saxophone 52JM Professional Alto Saxophone 52JS Professional Alto Saxophone 52JU Professional Alto Saxophone 53J Professional Soprano Saxophone 53JA Professional Soprano Saxophone 53JBL Professional Soprano Saxophone

How many saxophones were made in 1927?

The existing serial number chart showed a range from 5601 to 7850. By simple subtraction, 2249 saxophones were allegedly built in 1927. A search of the actual shipping dates for this serial number range revealed the following:

Is the Selmer Signet a good horn?

The Selmer Signet, on the other hand, was produced a bit earlier and was always considered to be an intermediate model, the best horn that Selmer USA made before they came out with the Omega line.