Are Shields heavy?

Are Shields heavy?

Shields throughout the middle ages averaged about 2 lbs/sq ft. So a steel buckler from 1600 comes in at about 3 lbs, while a 24 in round shield is closer to 8 lbs.

Can you use a shield as a weapon?

It could be used as a weapon, and in fact, it has been. The roman legionaries used their scutum in addition to their gladius to hit the enemy. The metal part at the center provided additional defense, but could be used to hit. They could also use the edge of the shield to do some damage.

Is it a war crime to wear civilian clothes while fighting?

So it is not a war crime to wear civilian clothes and fight the enemy. You are not afforded official international recognition as an official combatant which has official protections as a prisoner of war. According to 1907 convention of Hague and later – 1949 convention of Geneve you must have a fixed distinctive sign.

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Why can’t Chinese soldiers wear civilian clothes in combat?

China is not the only nation that has done that. The nuanced answer is that the Geneva Convention does not accord international protection to combatants dressed in civilian clothes, armed with weapons, and actively engaged in combat operations, UNLESS, they are PARTISANS.

Who can wear civilian clothing on duty in the military?

The wear of civilian clothing on duty is subject to the provisions of AR 700-84. The following personnel may grant exceptions: (1) Commanders of major commands. (2) Assistant Secretaries, the Secretary of Defense or his designee, or the Secretary of the Army. (3) Heads of Department of Defense agencies.

What did American militias wear in the Revolutionary War?

During the early stages of the American Revolutionary War against Great Britain, ‘American’ local militias were rebelling British colonials dressed in their normal civilian clothing and often fighting in standard, stand-up formation against the redcoat formations.

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