Are your parents allowed to take something you bought?

Are your parents allowed to take something you bought?

Technically, said possessions belong to the parent/guardian, NOT the child. Once they reach the age of eighteen, it is NO LONGER legal to confiscate their property. The facts: It is 100\% legal to take away a minor’s possessions and/or control their use if you are the parent/guardian.

What do you do when your parents don’t accept you?

5 Ways To Deal With Parents Who Don’t Accept You

  1. Give them time. While it’s preferable that they go full Oprah-love on you the moment you come out, they could just need time to wrap their brains around things.
  2. Give them the facts.
  3. Remind them that there is more to you than sex.
  4. Push but don’t shove.
  5. Cut your losses.
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Can my mom take my phone if I bought it?

As long as you’re under age 18 and living with your parents, you’re under their authority; they can take away your cell phone if they want, and the law gives you no recourse to get it back.

What should I do if my parents want to buy me stuff?

Purchase what you want. Buy your desired item at the store with cash or a gift card, if you have one. Don’t pay for anything with a credit or debit card, especially if it’s a parent’s account, because the purchase will show up on bills and statements for the card.

Can I buy things without my parents’ consent?

And you have no rights to buy anything that you want to buy without your parents concept, after all if you are young all the money comes from them and they have right to you if you are under 19. Sorry for my spelling

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Do your parents have the right to take away your money?

When you buy something with your own money that your earned by working then your parents have no right to take it away. People do not take away things from your parents. Just because they are your parents dose not mean they can take away your personal possessions.

What to do if you buy something you don’t need?

Throw away the store bag or any other evidence you don’t need right away. If what you buy is very large or bulky and you can’t conceal it in a bag, make sure a friend can help you transport it, and only bring it into your house when your parents aren’t home to see you bring it inside.