Are YouTube comments useful?

Are YouTube comments useful?

YouTube comments are a great way to engage with your audience and to demonstrate that you’re interested in what your audience has to say. As we said in our blog How to choose the best social channel for your video, posting your videos on YouTube is a great way to raise awareness of your goods or services.

Why do we read YouTube comments?

Reading YouTube comments are necessary. It gives you a lot of information about people who are visiting your content. And specifically, you will get love, support, criticism and hate… All through these comments.

Do comments help YouTube ranking?

Video Comments Have a Very Strong Correlation With Rankings As you can see in the chart above, the more comments a video has, the higher it tends to rank. Considering YouTube’s emphasis on user engagement, this result isn’t a big surprise. Key Takeaway: Videos with lots of comments tend to rank best in YouTube.

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Do YouTube comments affect views?

It won’t. Comments are irrelevant as they can be turned off by the channel owner or disabled by YT, the same way the like/dislike ratio and tags are also irrelevant to the algorithm.

Should I respond to every YouTube comment?

Our general recommendation is that you respond to every single comment on your channel but eventually, as your channel grows that’s going to become impossible.

Is it bad to read comments?

Negative comments can discredit the information we read, but whether we will be influenced also depends on the topic and on our attitudes. In addition, influence works both ways – positive comments can mislead us as well. Readers’ opinions on topics related to health and science are particularly easy to change.

How do I stop reading negative comments?

Focus on Positive Comments If you want to reduce the negative impact of reading online comments, one of the best things you can do is to focus only on reading positive comments. Comments from friends who offer social support will increase your well-being and have a positive effect.

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Should you allow all comments on YouTube?

Allow all comments Viewers can still report inappropriate comments and spam. Comments that violate our Community Guidelines may be removed. Comments that are likely spam may be automatically held for review in YouTube Studio for up to 60 days.

Is it bad to turn off YouTube comments?

The vast majority of YouTube videos do have comments enabled so when a viewer comes across one where the comments are turned off alarm bells can start ringing. #2 Disabling comments can frustrate and alienate viewers who do have something positive to say. Give those people a platform before writing off their opinions.

Do you understand the comments on YouTube videos posted by fans?

Though, only true fans will understand. These are some funniest ones posted by people who don’t like what they saw or heard. And, almost every video has at least 1-2 this kind of comments (or even worse than these ones). You can always skip them, or read the comment chains, which can be very amusing (or not).

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What are some of the most popular types of YouTube comments?

Another most popular type of YouTube comment is the “time” comment, when someone indicates a certain time in the video and leaves feedback, usually an amusing one. Any Belgians here? No matter what video you’re watching, you’ll always find patriotism-awakening comments.

How do I report inappropriate comments on my YouTube videos?

If you see a comment that you think is inappropriate, you can report it as spam or abuse. If you’re a creator, you can also use the comment moderation tools to manage comments on your videos. You can view public comments you’ve left across YouTube. Go to Comment History. To go to the original place you posted your comment, click or tap the content.

How do I find my comment history on YouTube?

Go to Comment History. To go to the original place you posted your comment, click or tap the content. If you commented on a video that’s been deleted, or if your comment was removed by YouTube for a policy violation, it won’t appear in this history. You can click or tap a comment’s timestamp to create a highlighted comment link.