Can you increase intelligence?

Can you increase intelligence?

Although science is on the fence about whether you can raise your IQ or not, research does seem to suggest that it’s possible to raise your intelligence through certain brain-training activities. Training your memory, executive control, and visuospatial reasoning can help to boost your intelligence levels.

Is there a lower level of intelligence than genius?

In actuality there is no lower or higher but only all intelligence. One must have full range, full depth, full degree, and full detail in all levels of intelligence in order to be super, complete and ultimate genius. In other words, it is the path to becoming all knowing, all powerful or infinite intelligence.

What is the difference between being smart and being a genius?

In other words, their bullshit detector is many times more attuned than a super smart person. The fifth level of intelligence is the level of being a genius. A genius is someone who is able to think at such a high order that he/she comes up with a unique and original idea that elevates the thinking of humanity to the next level.

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Is being super smart a higher level of intelligence than intelligent?

Being super smart is a higher level than being intelligent because intelligence is all about getting results no matter what level it is at, and a super smart person can achieve much more results than all other smart and intelligent people can.The fourth level of intelligence is the level of being super intelligent.

What does it mean to be an intelligent person?

An intelligent person questions, inquires and enquires. There is a quality of “brightness” and “sharpness” to their mind or thinking. The third level of intelligence is the level of being super smart. When a person is super smart, they are much more powerful than everyone else who is smart or intelligent.