Can you swim in Kauai in January?

Can you swim in Kauai in January?

Generally in January the waters on the south shore of the island are calmer than those of the north shore for swimming and people enjoy swimming and snorkeling most days . Though there are several protected beaches such as Annini and Tunnels that on any given day be a great place to swim on North Shore as well!

Should I visit Kauai in January?

Visiting Kauai in January, February, or March Temperatures will also be cooler, at least by Kauai standards. Additionally, demand is lower at this period, and the island will likely feel less “crowded” than during the busier summer months or at Christmas time.

How is Kauai in January?

As you can see from the chart, Kauai’s weather is pleasantly warm year-round. Even in the coolest month of January, daytime highs average 78 F and the evening lows dip to 65 F. August is the warmest month with daytime highs averaging 85 F and cooling off to 75 F in the nighttime.

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Can you swim in Kauai in February?

I’ve been to Kauai in February several times, and have always been able to swim and snorkel. Like the others have said, you need to check the daily local conditions and decide for yourself.

Is it warm enough to swim in Hawaii in January?

Even though January is one of Hawaii’s cooler months, the ocean temperatures are still warm enough to allow you to swim comfortably. You can expect the ocean temperatures to reach around 72 to 76 degrees F, making the water just slightly cooler than the outside temperatures at the peak of the day.

Does Kauai have swimmable beaches?

One thing is certain, Kauai has the perfect beach for every type of beachgoer. Kauai Beaches are known for their beauty and drama. Miles of white sand meet with crashing surf for dramatic effect; while other more protected areas offer calm, clear seas for swimming, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving, and surfing.

Is Kauai cold in January?

Kauai Weather by Month. Kauai Weather in January: January is one of the coolest months in Kauai, which isn’t saying much. Island temperatures can drop as low as 53°F, while highs are a pleasant 71°F. Rain visits for about 15 days out of the month.

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Is January a good time to go to Hawaii?

It has warm weather throughout the year, including January. When visiting at this time, you will see tropical flowers in bloom and can bask in balmy tropical temperatures in the low 80s. The only downside is that January follows Hawaii’s rainiest month, December. So, you will see slightly higher chances of rain.

Where are the calmest waters in Kauai?

Anini Beach
Some of northern Kauai’s calmest waters can be found at Anini Beach thanks to a long reef that stretches for over two miles along the shore. Located near the Princeville resort area, Anini Beach can often be much less crowded than nearby beaches.

Is January a bad time to go to Hawaii?

Can you swim in the water in Hawaii in January?

When is the best time to swim in Kauai?

The first point to note is that different beaches in Kauai are calm and good for swimming at different times of the year. In general, the South Shore beaches in Kauai are better for swimming in winter (November to March). Beaches on the North Shore of Kauai are best in the summer months (June to August).

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What are the best beaches in Kauai for kids?

Because Anini Beach is so shallow and calm, this is one of the best beaches for kids in Kauai – they can build sand castles by the water’s edge and splash about in safety. While Anini is one of the safest swimming beaches in Kauai, you should still be careful when getting close to the coral breaker.

Where to go snorkeling in Hawaii in January?

On Oahu the best place to snorkel in January for visitors is Hanauma Bay, which is a nature preserve on the south shore. There is a beach but there is no accommodation right at the site. I’m not a snorkeler, so can’t help you much with that.

Where can I see whales in Kauai?

FYI, the winter whales in Kauai are FANTASTIC. I see many of them every day from the lanai at the Sealodge condo I rent on the North Shore. Other great viewing spots include the Kilauea Lighthouse, the walking path past Kealia Beach, and Spouting Horn.