Did feanor do anything wrong?

Did feanor do anything wrong?

A subreddit dedicated to the creator of the Silmarils themselves, Fëanor son of Finwë. Fëanor did nothing wrong.

What age did feanor die?


Birth Y.T. 1169 Tirion
Rule Y.T. 1495 – 1497
Death Y.T. 1497 (aged 328 Y.T./3142 years) Slopes of Ered Wethrin
Notable for Created the Silmarils and Palantíri Invented the Tengwar

How does Melkor die?

In the final battle, Melkor will be slain by either Túrin Turambar with his famous black sword or by Eönwë as mentioned in the Hiding of Valinor.

Who defeated Melkor?

The Valar
The Valar overcame the hosts of Melkor and he retreated into Utumno. After a grievous siege, the Valar rent the doors open and Melkor was captured. Melkor was bound with Angainor and brought back to Valinor. There, he pleaded for pardon, but was cast into the Halls of Mandos for three Ages.

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What did feanor do?

He was a craftsman, gem-smith, and warrior, the maker of the Silmarils and inventor of the Tengwar script. He also created the Palantíri. Fëanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind; countenance, understanding, skill, and subtlety, of all the Children of Ilúvatar.

Who killed Ancalagon?

Soon, almost all Dragons were defeated, and Eärendil fought Ancalagon throughout the night. As dawn broke, Eärendil got the upper hand, and killed Ancalagon, hurling him out of the sky. The Sun came up upon his death, as Ancalagon smashed onto Tharangorodrim, destroying it.

Why was feanor banished?

Despite Melkor having been the true root of the Ñoldor’s unrest, Fëanor’s crime had been of his own making, and for this the Valar exiled him to Formenos. He took a substantial treasure with him, including the Silmarils, which he put in a locked box.

Is Sauron male or female?

Race Maia
Gender Male
Height See below
Eye color See below
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