Did the noldor speak Quenya?

Did the noldor speak Quenya?

The rebellious Noldor, who followed their leader Fëanor to Middle-earth, spoke only Quenya. But Elu Thingol, King of the Sindar of Beleriand, forbade the use of Quenya in his realm when he learned of the slaying of Telerin Elves by the Noldor.

Does Galadriel speak Quenya?

(“A star shines on the hour of our meeting.”) Galadriel is perhaps the only major Elf character in Middle-earth during the events of The Lord of the Rings that learned Quenya as a cradle-tongue: she was born in Valinor, during the days of the Two Trees.

How did Tolkien create Quenya?

By taking bits of his favourite real-world languages and splicing them together. Around a dozen languages are mentioned in the Lord of the Rings but Tolkien only properly developed two of them – Qenya and Sindarin, the languages used by the elves.

Are the noldor elves?

The Noldor were the Second Clan of the Elves in both order and size, the other clans being the Vanyar, a smaller group, and the Teleri, a much larger one. The Noldor typically had grey eyes and dark hair, save for the members of the golden-haired House of Finarfin.

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Why did the noldor leave valinor?

After the Darkening of Valinor and the murder of Finwë by Melkor, Fëanor rebelled against the Valar, and set out from Aman with most of his fellow Noldor. Thus the Noldor were indeed exiled and cut off from Aman.

Is Sindarin or Quenya more developed?

However the word Elvish used in Lord of the Rings refers to Sindarin, since it was the main vernacular and living Elven language of Middle-earth, during the time the events of the book happened. Quenya and Sindarin are the most developed languages that Tolkien made, and the only ones someone can study, learn and use.

Are Quenya and Sindarin mutually intelligible?

The exiled Noldor Elves (who spoke Quenya) designated the language of Beleriand as Sindarin. The two branches of the language had many differences but were mutually intelligible.

Which is older Quenya or Sindarin?

Sindarin is said to be more changeful than Quenya, and there were during the First Age a number of regional dialects….

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Date c. 1915 to 1973
Setting and usage The fictional world of Middle-earth
Purpose constructed languages artistic languages fictional languages Sindarin
Writing system Tengwar (mainly), Cirth