Does Indonesia recognize Taiwan?

Does Indonesia recognize Taiwan?

Currently, Indonesia does not officially recognize Republic of China (Taiwan) as it adopted One-China Policy; officially recognizing only the People’s Republic of China since 1950.

Does Indonesia recognize Kosovo?

Among the G20 countries, eleven have recognized Kosovo’s independence: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Eight, however, have not: Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and South Africa.

What is the one-China rule?

The “One-China policy” is a policy asserting that there is only one sovereign state under the name China and Taiwan is part of China, as opposed to the idea that there are two states, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC), whose official names incorporate “China”.

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Does Australia’s aid contribution to Indonesia meet Indonesians’ needs?

Disconcertingly, Australia’s aid contribution doesn’t seem to have registered with Indonesians. When asked which nation provided the most help during the pandemic, the Indonesian respondents selected the US (7\%), Japan (9.3\%), the EU (20.2\%) and China (45\%).

Does Australia’s soft-power effort work in Indonesia?

The survey exposes the limited impact of Australia’s soft-power efforts in Indonesia and signals the need for a strategic reassessment of our bilateral relationship.

How do Indonesians view Australia as a scholarship destination?

Some 19.4\% of Indonesian respondents ranked Australia as their ‘first choice if you (or your child) were offered a scholarship to a university’, behind only the US (27.1\%) and ahead of the UK (15.4) and Japan (8.5). Significantly, Australia was selected by a much larger proportion of Indonesian respondents than respondents from other ASEAN nations.

Did Australia’s loans to Indonesia really dwarf those of other countries?

Australia’s $1.5 billion loan and millions of dollars’ worth of donations to Indonesia dwarf the US$12 million provided by the United States, South Korea’s US$5 million and the EU’s Team Europe collective €200 million in grants and loans. Simple misperceptions may have contributed to these results, and such misunderstandings are common.

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