How bad is ALEKS?

How bad is ALEKS?

ALEKS has a consumer rating of 1.21 stars from 1,494 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about ALEKS most frequently mention knowledge checks, math class and high school problems.

Can teachers see how long you take on ALEKS?

Click the “Compute” button to generate the report. Description: At the class level, the Time and Topic Report shows each student’s total time in ALEKS, the date of their last login, and daily topics attempted versus mastered over a selected period of time. Class level data can be viewed for a one or two week time span.

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What is a high ALEKS score?

ALEKS scores of 30 or higher reflect adequate preparation for college-level math.

Can ALEKS see your tabs?

When proctoring, ALEKS can detect if you opened other tabs while taking the test. The browser also prevents you from copy and pasting the information on the computer you are taking exams on. Furthermore, the instructor can see the number of pages and times the student visits.

How do you beat ALEKS fast?


  1. Be sure you’re ready to start.
  2. Don’t procrastinate.
  3. Do your own work.
  4. Use a notebook.
  5. Pay attention to details.
  6. Avoid the “I do not know” button.
  7. Take ALEKS seriously.
  8. Work in ALEKS regularly.

Does ALEKS track your location?

LockDown Browser is a custom browser that secures the test environment by preventing students from accessing visiting other websites or other applications, copying, printing while running an ALEKS. Lockdown Browser does not record or monitor student activity.

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How do I do student view on ALEKS?

To access the Student View from the Basic or Advanced Instructor Module, select a class and then select the “Student View” link. After clicking on the “Student View” link, instructors will arrive at a summary of the Student View feature.

What is the average ALEKS score?

main content Placement: How to interpret your ALEKS Score

ALEKS Score You can register for:
less than 30 You cannot register for any courses with a math or QR101 prerequisite
30 to 52 QR101
53 to 75 Any course with a prerequisite of “QR101 or equivalent”
Above 75 Math 123, Math 131, or any course with a prerequisite of Math 115.

Is it hard to get a 30 on the ALEKS test?

In most colleges, ALEKS scores of 30 or higher are adequate preparation for college-level math. However, if you want to place at the highest level Math courses and save time and tuition, a score of 75 or higher is required.

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Does ALEKS record your screen?

Can teachers see if we leave the tab on Google Forms?

The teacher will be notified via email if a student exits the quiz, or opens any other tab. Unmanaged devices can’t access the quiz.