How can I increase my existing SIP amount?

How can I increase my existing SIP amount?

If you want to increase your SIP/STP or SWP amount, you can start a new SIP/STP or SWP for the additional amount. So if you already have a SIP running for Rs. 1000 and you want to increase your investment to Rs. 1,500, you need to start a new SIP of Rs.

Can we change SIP amount in mutual fund?

SIPs or systematic investment plans allow us to invest small amounts on a regular basis in mutual funds. Investments for as low as Rs 500 per month are also possible. Groww has introduced a new feature wherein you can edit your SIP amount and date during the investment period.

Can I increase my SIP period?

At the end of the term, you have an option to renew the SIP of your MF schemes to ensure continuity. You usually get a reminder from the AMC to renew your SIP. You can decide whether to renew your SIP or not based on the returns of the scheme during the SIP tenure.

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Can I modify my SIP?

An investor can increase or re duce his SIP amount, by first cancelling the existing mandate and giving the revised one. Fund houses do not charge any penalty for stopping the SIPs.

How do I change SIP amount in Mycams?


  1. Click on digiSIP icon.
  2. Select PAN & Mutual Fund (Existing/New Mutual fund)
  3. Existing Fund: Select any of your existing folio or click on new folio to create new folio.
  4. Click on Initiate SIP – Select Scheme, IDCW option, Investment frequency, No.
  5. Enter Investment Amount.

How can I add lump sum in SIP?

There are two ways to invest this amount:

  1. Start a monthly SIP of an amount that you are comfortable with, and this could be Rs 10,000, Rs 20,000, or Rs 50,000. Let the money stay in your bank account till all of it gets invested systematically in the chosen equity funds.
  2. Invest the lump sum in a liquid fund.

How can I change my SIP date online?

Yes, you can change the SIP date on your current investments by submitting an SIP transaction slip requesting for the same. Every AMC has a common transaction slip; using which any such changes can be taken care of.

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Can I increase SIP amount in Axis Mutual Fund?

Like mentioned earlier, SIP allows investors to pay a fixed amount at regular intervals. However, if you are happy with the fund’s performance and wish to increase the monthly SIP amount, you can opt for top- up SIP. 10,000 per month in a mutual fund via SIP and wish to increase the investment amount to Rs.

How can I renew my SIP mutual fund?

Renewal time To ensure an uninterrupted investment, send the renewal instruction at least 30 working days before the last date. If the existing SIP expires, the renewal can be done by quoting the same folio number. It will take 21-30 days from the date of sending the form for the SIP to start.

How to increase the amount in existing SIP?

Increasing the amount in existing SIP is typically a cumbersome process. It is therefore advisable to start a new SIP with the amount you want to increase your existing SIP by. Having said that, the investor has the option to increase the existing SIP amount by opting for top up at the time of opening a new SIP.

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Is it possible to invest Rs 31000 every month in SIP?

Now it’s not possible for Ajay to invest Rs 31,000 every month, as it’s a very high amount. Rather he is fine if he can start with a small amount today and then increase it every year as his income would also increase with time. This is called as Increasing SIP model.

What is a step-up sip and how does it work?

You can use the step-up SIP feature to increase your contribution. “With this, your contribution will increase automatically according to a pre-decided amount and pre-decided periodicity. Step-up SIPS basically cover your investment for the increment in disposable income,” said Omkeshwar Singh, head – RANK MF, Samco Securities.

What is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

Systematic investment plan (SIP) is a process of investing in mutual funds. “If you want to increase your contribution, it can be done through the same medium with which the original SIP was started or you can start a fresh SIP for an additional amount,” said Vijay Kuppa, co-founder, Orowealth.