How can we remove negative effects of Ketu?

How can we remove negative effects of Ketu?

To reduce the bad effects of Ketu, donate blankets, calf, goat, sesame, grey coloured materials and iron weapons. You can also observe fasts on Tuesday and Saturday. Feed a dog; also feed Brahmins rice cooked with cereals. Helping the old and needy also helps to reduce its ill-effects.

What happen if Ketu is in 3rd house?

Thus, in short – when Ketu is located in the 3rd house, the native may never have to face trouble of hard cash. There may be some time when you, as a native of having Ketu in the 3rd house may face some minor injuries leading to some health problems. You may find yourself having injuries majorly on the right arm.

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How can I strengthen my weak Ketu?

To strengthen Ketu, you should worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva grass (Lord Ganesha’s favourite) and recite Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha Stotra. You can also worship Matsya, the fish avatar of Lord Vishnu. Vedic astrology believes that donation is the best way to get rid of the negative effects of planets.

Which stone is suitable for Ketu?

Cat’s eye stone is regarded as the stone for planet Ketu. A person can wear this stone to get good results of Ketu. It improves the results from the sign and the house in which planet Ketu is placed. Cat’s eye stone is also known as Baal Surya, Vidur and Vedaryu in Sanskrit language and Lehsuniya in Farsi and Urdu.

How do I please Lord Ketu?

The Remedies of Ketu associated with Daily lives and dressing style :

  1. Make use of Brown and gray colour clothes.
  2. Always have cordial relations with young children.
  3. Always take bath in shower.
  4. In the morning while praying to Ketu, worship Ganesh ji, pray to the matsaya Dev, and always chant for blessings of Lord Ganesha.
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What does the 3rd house rule?

Communication, transportation, and local community are all governed by the third house. Natal planets in the Third House are motivated by expression and often help guide you to build close relationships with their peers, [including siblings, coworkers, and classmates.

What is 3rd house in astrology?

The Third House: The House of Communication – the 12 Houses of Astrology. Aug 14, 2020. The third house of a natal chart is traditionally ruled by the zodiac sign Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury. It is thought to be the house of intelligence and of all low-level information that somebody gets throughout his life.

Which house is the aspect of the third house?

3rd house – 3rd house is house of Efforts and Hard Work. As it is an Upachaya House, it improves with time which means that we need to put lots of efforts and hard work over a long time to gain out of it. This is exactly what Saturn is, i.e. Hard Work, Efforts and Perseverance. Hence, Saturn gets this 3rd house aspect.

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How does Ketu affect your life?

In Hindu astrology Ketu represents karmic collections both good and bad, spirituality and supernatural influences. Ketu is believed to bring prosperity to the devotee’s family, removes the effects of snakebite and illness arising out of poisons. He grants good health, wealth and cattle to his devotees.

What should I wear for Rahu and Ketu?

It is believed that wearing a gemstone increases the auspicious effects of the planets. It is advisable to wear Neelam Stone for Shani, Gomed Stone for Rahu and garlic jewel for Ketu. But do you know that you can get auspicious results from these three planets only by wearing a gemstone.