How did Achrekar Sir trained Sachin?

How did Achrekar Sir trained Sachin?

Answer: Ramakanth Achrekar was a coach of Sachin Tendulkar. He was a good person and also a sincere coach of India cricket team. When Sachin Tendulkar was young, he was taking training form Achrekar and he practiced for hours and hours in the net.

Did Achrekar Sir admit Sachin in his camp?

Sachin would always ask his father to treat him to a special fruit cocktail at a juice centre near the club. Though it was a little unreasonable, his father would give him what he wanted, just to see him happy. When the coach Achrekar agreed to let Sachin join the camp, he was delighted.

What are some of the things that Achrekar did?

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‘Achrekar Sir’ produced many a cricketers at his academy Kamat Memorial in Shivaji Park, where he also lived close by, but his greatest contribution to the world of cricket was honing Sachin Tendulkar, the man who scored most international hundreds, most Test runs, most ODI runs, and played most Tests, among many other …

Who taught Sachin Tendulkar cricket?

Ramakant Achrekar
The 46-year-old, regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, said his childhood coach Ramakant Achrekar taught him how to play “straight”, both on the cricket field and in life. “Teachers impart not just education but also values. Achrekar Sir taught me to play straight – on the field and in life.

Who was Sachin Favourite player?

Sunil Gavaskar and the West Indian legend Viv Richards were Sachin’s favorite players.

Where was Ramakant Achrekar from?

Malvan, India
Ramakant Achrekar/Place of birth

Who were Sachin S Favourite players answer?

Ans- Sachin played cricket with his colony friends when he was young. 2. Name his favourite players. Ans- His favourite players were Sunil Gavaskar and the West Indian legend Viv Richards.

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Can Sachin impress Achrekar sir first time?

Ans- Sachin was so nervous at the presence of Achrekar Sir that he couldn’t prove his mettle at first. Achrekar Sir told Sachin’s brother Ajit that he could not take him as he was yoo young. Sir complied as Sachin hit the ball well and was permitted to join the camp. 4.

Who were Sachin’s Favourite players 9th English?

Who were Sachin’s favourite players? Answer: Sachin’s favourite players were Sunil Gavaskar and West Indian legend Viv Richards.

Who is Ramakant Achrekar and why is he famous?

Ramakant Vithal Achrekar (born 1932) is an Indian cricket coach from Mumbai. He is most famous for coaching young cricketers at Shivaji Park in Dadar, Mumbai, most notably Sachin Tendulkar. He has also been a selector for Mumbai cricket team.

Who is Kamat Achrekar?

Achrekar was a batsman-wicketkeeper and had played only one first-class match – for All-India State Bank, against Hyderabad, in 1964; where he scored 30 runs. He began coaching around 1967-68. Initially, he worked on nets at New Hind and another club, Sassanian, and later on, he founded another club, Kamat Memorial at Shivaji Park in Mumbai.

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How much was the cheque given to Achrekar’s assistant DAs Shivalkar?

In a heart-warming gesture on the occasion, Achrekar s long-time assistant Das Shivalkar was presented with a cheque of Rs 1,25,000. The Seven Seas Hospital also announced free life-time medical treatment for Achrekar and Shivalkar.