How did Mikasa stop the rumbling?

How did Mikasa stop the rumbling?

Choosing to forego a life with Eren over the necessity of ending his atrocities, Mikasa located Eren’s head on the end of a long spine within the mouth of his Titan. Upon seeing Mikasa’s choice, Ymir abandoned her hold over the Founding Titan, ending both the Rumbling and the Power of the Titans.

What was the choice that Mikasa made?

This is specifically Mikasa’s initial dream. Since she was a child all Mikasa has ever wanted was to live happily with Eren. She was happy just by being by his side and had hoped that was enough for Eren too. Still, just like in the Lost Girls story, Mikasa realizes she can’t really save Eren.

Can Eren stop the rumbling?

The rumbling was caused by the Founder Titan which in possession of Eren, But Eren could not use its Abilities as he was not of royal blood, he was only able to start the Rumbling in coming in contact with Zeke who was of royal blood. Thus killing Zeke cut Eren’s connection to the Founder which stopped the Rumbling.

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Is Mikasa responsible for Eren’s death?

Mikasa, as the person closest to Eren, seems to not have noticed this or has been in denial about it all this time. Of course, Eren’s choices are his fault alone but Mikasa could’ve stepped at any time – but she didn’t. To us, this means that on some level, Mikasa is responsible in part for any of the death or destruction that Eren causes.

Why is Mikasa so popular in attack on Titan?

Mikasa is a fan-favorite character in Attack on Titan. Her devotion to Eren and her intelligence and skill in battle make her easy to relate to and to root for, making her popularity all but inevitable.

Why didn’t Eren stop the rumbling?

Eren’s motive to unite everyone against him was understood by his friends only at the very end. Once he had started the rumbling, he could not stop it. The threat to Eldians is no more because there is no adequate military power left on Earth.

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What happened to Eren in chapter 139?

Chapter 139 has put our hearts at ease from the countless wars we have gone through alongside Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. The spoilers are out, and Eren is not returning anymore. 80\% of humanity has been wiped off clean, and the sin is too great for Eren to be redeemed.