How do I find the elevation certificate of a website?

How do I find the elevation certificate of a website?

Certification: After the physical measurement by DGPS, Total Station and other precise Survey equipment, suitable certificate showing the Geographical Coordinates of the site in WGS-84 system and precise site Elevation is issued to clients format desired by Airports Authority of India (AAI).

What is site elevation certificate?

In India, an elevation certificate is a certificate that is issued by the AAI (Airport Authority of India), which certifies that any building or structures within the proximity of any civil airports does not pose a threat to aircrafts or its passengers.

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How do I get a NOC from AAI?

Applicant shall apply in the Common Application Form (CAF) developed by Urban Local Bodies of Mumbai and Delhi for NOC for height as well. ULB’s after assessing the application will refer to AAI, if required by posting it their website. AAI NOCAS will fetch application from there and process it.

How do I register for AAI?

Candidates are required to apply On-line through only. Candidates should have a valid personal e-mail ID and mobile number. It should be kept active during the entire recruitment process.

What is an NOC letter?

A No Objection Letter is a letter from your employer or your school/university which states that you have contractual obligations in your home country which you will return to. The No Objection Letter is otherwise known as a No Objection Certificate for Visa or a NOC.

How many forms fill in AAI ATC?

A total number of 368 vacancies are released for recruitment. Accordingly, A total number of 264 vacancies are released for Junior Executive(Air Traffic Control) posts.

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Can I change AAI ATC exam Centre?

if you want to change the examination centre of AAI exam then you contact the examination controler and ask about this.

How can I get NOC online?

Online Instructions

  1. Login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of MOI.
  2. Select the required transaction type (Personal for the smart card owner or Company Name for the authorized person).
  3. Click on “No Objection Certificates – Companies” and select “Other NOCs”.

Where can I get NOC certificate?

How to Apply for an NOC Certificate?

  • The owner of the vehicle will need to visit the local RTO in person to submit the application for the NOC.
  • The completed CMV 28 form needs to be submitted along with various important documents.
  • You are required to make a payment of Rs.

Can we build house near airport?

According to airport rules, no construction is allowed upto 150 metres from runways. A 200-metre-high construction could be 1.9km away and a 300-metre-tall building could be 2.6km away. Similarly, in take-off and landing paths, earlier a 150-metre-high building could be 3.5 km from runways.

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How to contact Airports Authority of India (AAI)?

Airports Authority of India, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi-110003 Ph : 91-11-24632950

How to check approximate top elevation (AMSL) before applying for NOC?

Before applying for NOC, you may check approximate top elevation (AMSL) of the purposed structure. You shall have the co-ordinates of your plot or alternatively you can choose your site on the map. This will not be a NOC, but only the indication of the approx. Top Elevation.

What is the status of cczm of Navi Mumbai International Airport?

The CCZM of Navi Mumbai International Airport has been temporarily deactivated until the finalization of site for Nav-aids and Instrument flight procedures are designed. Applicants are requested to apply for NOC for height clearance online at NOCAS website.