How do I hide contents of a cell in Excel VBA?

How do I hide contents of a cell in Excel VBA?

To hide rows, you set Hidden to True (Range. Hidden = True). To unhide rows, you set Hidden to False (Range. Hidden = False).

How do you hide cell values in Excel?

Hiding Cell Contents

  1. Select the cell(s) to be hidden.
  2. From the Home command tab, in the Cells group, click Format » select Format Cells… The Format Cells dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Number tab.
  4. Under Category, select Custom.
  5. In the Type text box, type three semicolons ( ;;; ).
  6. Click OK. The cells are now hidden.

How do you hide text in Excel VBA?

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  1. Select the cell you want to hide.
  2. Hit CTRL+1 (or open format cells dialog from right click)
  3. Go to Number tab, select “custom” as the type.
  4. Type the formatting code as “;;;” without double quotes.
  5. Press OK and your cell contents are invisible now.

How do I hide cell values in conditional formatting?

Hide cell values

  1. Select the cells.
  2. On the Format menu, click Cells, and then click the Number tab.
  3. Under Category, click Custom.
  4. In the Type box, type ;;; (that is, three semicolons in a row), and then click OK.

How do you hide blank cells in Excel?

How to hide rows containing blank cells

  1. Select the range that contains empty cells you want to hide.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select > Go To Special.
  3. In the Go To Special dialog box, select the Blanks radio button, and click OK.
  4. Press Ctrl + 9 to hide the corresponding rows.
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How do I hide or unhide a certain shape based on specific cell values in Excel?

Hide or unhide a certain shape based on specified cell value with VBA code

  1. Right click the sheet tab which contains the shape you will hide or unhide, then click View Code from the right-clicking menu.
  2. Then the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window pops up.

How do you hide objects in Excel?

In the View Options dialog box, under the Objects section, click Hide all or Show all to hide or display all of the objects in the whole workbook.

Can you hide a shape in Excel?

I love to learn something new in Excel and I quickly learned that Ctrl + 6 is a keyboard shortcut to Hide or Show All Shapes. When you press Ctrl + 6 , all the shapes are hidden and you are not allowed to add more shapes. But the solution is simple: Press Ctrl + 6 again and everything comes back.

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How do I hide a shape in Visio?

In the Options dialog box, click the Fields tab. Under Block 1, do the following: Select the check boxes for the fields that you want to show. Clear the check boxes for the fields that you want to hide.