How do I report someone for investment fraud?

How do I report someone for investment fraud?

If you suspect an investment scam, report it to the FTC at Report possible securities fraud to the SEC online. For tips on investing wisely and avoiding fraud, visit the SEC’s website for individual investors,

How do you deal with investment fraud?

Stop sending money to the company. Report it to your bank or financial institution. Be wary of falling for a follow-up scam or offers to recover your money. Report it to ASIC or your report it to your local police.

How do I report online investment fraud?

Report a scam or cybercrime If you know the scam started in NSW, and/or you know the name of the business or individual, call us on 13 32 20 or make a complaint online. If possible, report the scam to the appropriate agency (see below) to help them warn others and take action against scammers.

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How do I complain about an investment?

To ask a question or report a problem concerning your investments, your investment account or a financial professional, contact us online or call the SEC’s toll-free investor assistance line at (800) 732-0330 (if outside of the U.S., call 1-202-551-6551). Visit, the SEC’s website for individual investors.

Who investigates investment fraud?

As a result, the FBI diligently investigates criminal activity in the markets and against investors whenever it arises. The term Securities Fraud covers a wide range of illegal activities, all of which involve the deception of investors or the manipulation of financial markets.

What do I do if I was scammed?

Report a Scam to the FTC When you report a scam, the FTC can use the information to build cases against scammers, spot trends, educate the public, and share data about what is happening in your community. If you were scammed, report it to the FTC at

Where can I complain about a broker?

How to file a complaint against a broker?

  • Download ‘Investors complaint form against trading member’ from exchange’s website i.e.,
  • Fill the form; attach the required documents and submit it to exchange’s investor service center.
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What happens when you file a complaint with finra?

FINRA investigates complaints against brokerage firms and their employees. We are empowered to take disciplinary actions against brokers and their firms. Sanctions may include fines, suspensions, a bar from the securities industry or other appropriate sanctions.