How do I transfer my Fitbit to someone else?

How do I transfer my Fitbit to someone else?


  1. Go into your phones bluetooth.
  2. Remove the Charge 2.
  3. Log out of your Fitbit account.
  4. Log into the family members account.
  5. Setup the Charge 2.
  6. Log out of family members account.
  7. Check if the Charge 2 is in your phones Bluetooth and remove.
  8. Open the Fitbit app on family members phone.

Can you give an old Fitbit to someone else?

If You’re Gifting a Used Fitbit Device Manually sync your used Fitbit device to your account to capture your most recent data. Erase your Fitbit device to delete all app and personal data. Tell your phone to “forget” your device, removing the connection between the phone and the Fitbit device.

How do you reset a Fitbit for a new user?

To erase your data from your device:

  1. On your Fitbit device, open the Settings app Clear User Data.
  2. When prompted, press the screen for 3 seconds and release. When your tracker vibrates and the clock screen appears, your data is erased.
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Do I need to reset Fitbit before selling?

The same rule applies whether you’re selling a phone, fitness tracker or any other gadget that has identifiable information: make sure to unpair and factory reset before you go any further.

How do I delete my old Fitbit and add a new one?

Here’s how to replace it in the Fitbit app:

  1. Launch the Fitbit app from your Home screen or the app drawer.
  2. Tap the menu button button on the top left of the screen.
  3. Tap Devices.
  4. Tap the add button on the top right of the screen.
  5. Tap Replace (device name).
  6. Tap Replace Your Old (device name) at the bottom of the screen.

How do I sync my Fitbit to a new account?

Open the Fitbit app and tap Join Fitbit. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Fitbit account and connect (“pair”) your Fitbit device to your phone or tablet. Pairing makes sure your Fitbit device and phone or tablet can communicate with one another (sync their data).

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How do I get rid of an old Fitbit?

If you want to properly dispose of your Fitbit, take it to your local waste facility or several electronics stores that offer electronics disposal. They’ll have a bin onsite that you can put your Fitbit in, and it’ll be sent to the right recycling facility.

How do I link two Fitbits to one account?

Sync Multiple Devices to Your Fitbit Account with Multi-Tracker…

  1. Update your Fitbit app.
  2. Select “Set Up a New Fitbit Device” from the Account tab in the Fitbit mobile app or Fitbit Connect.
  3. Finish the setup instructions, and start swapping.

Can I sync 2 Fitbits to one phone?

you no longer have to decide which to wear. In a backend update, Fitbit has thrown the switch to let users synchronize multiple Fitbit Trackers to their account through the mobile app. For Android and iOS, the app uses programming to determine which is the active tracker.

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Can I delete my Fitbit account and start over?

If you change your mind, you have seven days after deleting the account to restore your data before it’s permanently erased. Fitbit deletes all data from deleted accounts within 30 to 90 days, though the company may preserve data on its servers according to its privacy policy.

Should I throw away my Fitbit?

If your device is still properly functioning, you most likely don’t need to throw it out. Try selling it online or donating to a second-hand store or pawn shop. If your Fitbit isn’t working at all and can’t be saved, then it’s time to dispose of it.

How much is a used Fitbit 2 worth?

How much is a Fitbit Charge 2 worth. The Fitbit Charge 2 is worth $20 to $25 based on the condition of the device.