How do you deal with being away from family in the military?

How do you deal with being away from family in the military?

Maintain the Connection

  1. Include Others. Include other family members and close friends in the connection that you establish with your military partner.
  2. Use Technology.
  3. Put Extra Effort Into Special Occasions.
  4. Make Cards.
  5. Take Pictures.
  6. Make Video Messages.
  7. Talk, Talk, Talk.
  8. Acknowledge Feelings.

How is a soldier’s family affected?

Children in military families experience high rates of mental health, trauma and related problems. Military life can be a source of psychological stress for children. Multiple deployments, frequent moves and having a parent injured or die is a reality for many children in military families.

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Does army get pension?

9000 /p.m. The minimum qualifying service to earn pension is 20 years in case of Commissioned Officer and 15 years in the case Personnel Below Officer Rank. Family Pension -Granted @ 30\% of reckonable emoluments last drawn subject to a minimum of Rs. 9000/- p.m. (in case of natural death of the individual).

What are the benefits of joining the Indian Army?

PRIDE & HONOUR which is greater then any BENEFITS!! GOVT , STATE GOVT and LOCAL Govt give you one time cash! POLITICAL LEADERS of your area will give you cash and sympathize you! INDIAN ARMY , will give you pension and other services which you use to get as family member of MILITRY PERSONAL!

Is there any personal service in the Indian Army?

No personal serve in Army just in favour of risk, but as it involves a pride service where they thought in the heart about their motherland. One of my friends I asked him who was with me till 12th standard ( Bhai Kal ko goli woli lug jayegi to Kya scene) * Bhai what will happen if you got shot?

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How many days a year do IAS officers stay away from family?

During Field tenure , which lasts about 2 and 1/2 years , Officers and Men stay away from their families. However , they are authorised 2 months of annual leave to visit their families every year.

What is the life of an army officer after peace posting?

Army officers get posted alternatively from Peace posting to Field posting. During the peace posting tenure , an officer stays with his/her family. They are expected to follow the daily office routine and gets ample time to spend with his family .