How do you deal with slow drivers in fast lane?

How do you deal with slow drivers in fast lane?

The standard procedure is to flash your headlights at him a few times or lightly honk your horn. The driver may not realize that he’s going too slow for the fast lane, in which case he’s likely to move over and let you pass.

Why are some people slow drivers?

Why Do People Drive Under the Speed Limit? One of the most common reasons motorists drive under the speed limit is because they’re driving while distracted. Typically, drivers are distracted by cell phones. They’re paying more attention to their phone and try to slow down in an effort to multitask.

Is it rude to drive slow?

Driving too slowly Not only is it annoying, but it can also be unsafe to drive too much below the speed limit—especially on the highway—because someone might have to merge in behind you and if they’re moving at a much faster speed it could cause a collision. Keep your car safe–learn what those dashboard lights mean.

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Is it okay to be a slow driver?

California has Vehicle Code 22400, the minimum speed law, to prohibit drivers from driving so slowly that they “impede the normal flow of traffic.” Whether they are driving too slowly is a subjective decision left to the California Highway Patrolman and depends on several factors, including the time of day, the number …

Why does speeding increase the risk of crashing?

Speed will increase both the reaction distance, and the braking distance. A driver travelling at faster speeds will have covered more ground in between spotting and reacting to a hazard than a driver travelling at a slower speed, so the speeding driver is more likely to crash.

How are rear end collisions caused?

The majority of rear-end collisions occur when the leading vehicle is stopped or moving at a very slow speed. About 81 percent of rear-end accidents occurred when the lead vehicle was completely stopped. In most collisions, the driver was following too closely to the car in front of it.

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Why do so many drivers tailgate?

Drivers tailgate for many reasons: sometimes, they’re in a hurry. Or, maybe they’ve developed the bad habit of following too closely and don’t even notice anymore. Or worse, they could have a case of road rage.

How do you stop tailgating?

Tips to Avoid Tailgating

  1. Use the four-second rule.
  2. If driving conditions are particularly bad, like wet or icy roads, use an even longer following distance.
  3. Maintain a safe speed at all times.
  4. Use extra caution when approaching intersections, stop lights, and changing lanes.