How do you know if someone is perceiving or judging?

How do you know if someone is perceiving or judging?

Judging and Perceiving People with the Judging preference want things to be neat, orderly and established. The Perceiving preference wants things to be flexible and spontaneous. Judgers want things settled, Perceivers want thing open-ended.

What is judging personality type?

People with the Judging (J) personality trait feel most comfortable when the course ahead is well-marked. Preferring to consider their options ahead of time, personality types with this trait prefer clarity and closure, sticking with the plan rather than going with the flow.

What is a perceiving personality type?

Perceiving personality types, or Ps, are relaxed. They cope with challenges by keeping an open schedule that allows them the flexibility to work at their own pace and change tasks as needed. In the workplace, people with a perceiving preference are adaptable and nonjudgmental.

What’s the difference between J and P?

J types are no more judgmental than P types; judging simply refers to the decision-making process, and whether or not that decision-making process is shown to the outside world. J types extravert their decisions (judgments) while P types introvert their decisions (judgments).

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What’s the difference between assertive and turbulent?

Where Assertive individuals (their opposite number) tend to be calm, relaxed, and free from worry, Turbulent types are more likely to be self-conscious perfectionists, concerned about their abilities or about how others perceive them.

What is a perceiving function?

The Perceiving functions establish how we take in information. In the most basic sense, Perceiving is the stimulus and Judging is the response. Perceiving functions gather the information that Judging functions—Thinking and Feeling—utilize to make decisions.

What does the P mean in personality types?

Perceiving – the letter P stands for Perceiving, and people with this preference are the ones who want flexibility in their lives and in how their time is managed.