How do you mentor virtually?

How do you mentor virtually?

Whichever path you choose, here are some virtual mentoring tips to keep the relationship engaging and rewarding for both mentor and mentee.

  1. Consistency is Key.
  2. Communicate Expectations.
  3. Embrace and Learn With Technology.
  4. Be in the Moment.
  5. Create a Pull for Feedback.

Does Google have a mentoring program?

Google has an immersive mentorship program where potential employees, fondly referred to as Nooglers, go through a two-week program where everyone is taught how to use multiple tools within the Google ecosystem. They develop projects in groups and code for open source programs.

What is virtual mentorship programs?

Virtual mentoring is a strategy that helps organizations foster meaningful relationships and maintain personal connections, even while team members are working from home. In recognition of the basic need for human connection, a virtual mentorship program establishes deeper communication between mentors and mentees.

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How do you mentor youth virtually?


  1. Develop a talent, skill, or passion together!
  2. Don’t hesitate to day-dream!
  3. Have a Movie night!
  4. Watch a virtual concert together!
  5. Start a cooperative journal by using a platform like Story Bird or Google Docs to document the day-to-day.
  6. Have a virtual book club!

Is virtual mentoring effective?

The good answer, is that virtual mentoring can be even more effective than face to face mentoring under certain circumstances. With the ease of mentoring software platforms and the majority of the population now adjusted to video calling, virtual mentoring is more than just a temporary alternative.

How do you mentor on Zoom?

How to Be a Great Virtual Mentor

  1. Touch base frequently.
  2. Use a variety of ways to stay connected.
  3. Give your mentee your undivided attention.
  4. Get creative when working with your mentee.
  5. Get comfortable with the technology.
  6. Utilize your organization’s mentoring software.

What is engage mentorship program Microsoft?

Image By VentureBeat. Microsoft Engage is a student engagement and mentorship program by Microsoft that offers 1:1 mentorship to shortlisted students while working on a project, learning sessions specially curated for Engage students and a sneak peek into Microsoft’s culture and values.

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How do I become a paid mentor?


  1. Have sufficient experience in your career field (at least 3 years).
  2. Have the desire to help others.
  3. Willing to spend the time working with others to gain a better understanding of your career field.
  4. Seek to understand your Client’s goals.
  5. Provide a general overview of you career field.

How do you mentor in zoom?

What is the best format for virtual mentoring success?

For virtual mentoring success, program considerations should be made around what matching style and program format will work best. This format for mentoring is still the most popular style when setting up a program and involves pairing up 1 mentor and 1 mentee.

What is the virtual mentoring platform (VMP)?

The VMP provides structured (research-back curriculum) communications, email and chat functionality and provides mentoring programs with virtual mentoring access for existing mentees who are at least 13 years old, and their mentors. The platform has been constructed with respect to best practices, safety, and data privacy.

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Is workplace mentoring still important in a virtual world?

However, it is no less important. Virtual mentoring offers many benefits to an organization, including: Whether your company is transitioning to a virtual workplace due to COVID-19 or if there is a long history as a remote organization, workplace mentoring can offer support and comfort to employees in addition to professional growth.

How do you keep mentors connected when they are remote?

– Aristocrat Technologies When participants are virtual or remote, program owners should be checking in regularly. Sending updates about the program reminds participants of their commitment to the mentorship program and helps them feel connected to what’s going on outside of their mentoring connection.