How much is an original American Girl Samantha doll worth?

How much is an original American Girl Samantha doll worth?

Samantha Parkington: $1,850 American Girl officially discontinued Samantha in 2009, but revived her in a different format in 2014. Original Samanthas from 1986, the first year of production, are exceedingly rare and sell for as much as $1,850.

How much is a used Molly American Girl doll worth?

A fine example of the Molly McIntire doll is valued in a range between $1,000 to $10,000 in fine condition. Molly is the topic of a line of American Girl Doll books.

Which American Girl doll is the rarest?

Original Samantha Parkington While she was officially retired in 2009, she went through a few iterations as the company adapted their doll designs. The 1986 Samantha doll is one of the rarest and most valuable American Girl dolls around.

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How do I know if my American Girl doll is worth money?

What makes an American Girl doll worth a lot of money?

  1. The hair has not been cut.
  2. The face is unmarked.
  3. The eyes are intact.
  4. The doll still has the original, clean clothing.
  5. The doll comes in the original box.
  6. The doll has been retired.
  7. Paperwork is available that includes receipts and information cards.

What is the most popular American Girl doll?

1. Addy Walker. To earn the top-top spot, you’ve gotta be a special kind of strong. A nine-year-old Addy escapes slavery with her mother to Philadelphia.

What are the different types of American Girl dolls?

Every Single American Girl Doll!

  • Kaya’aton’my, Kaya American Girl,
  • Felicity Merriman, Felicity Doll,
  • Elizabeth Cole, Elizabeth Doll.
  • Caroline Abbott, Caroline Doll.
  • Josefina Montoya, Josefina Doll.
  • Cecile Rey, Cecile American Girl.
  • Marie-Grace Gardner, Marie-Grace.
  • Kirsten Larson, Kirsten Doll.

How do I know if my American Girl doll is pre Mattel?

Features of Pre-Mattel Dolls

  1. Faces are chubbier and many are slightly molded differently.
  2. Considerably paler or more washed out skin tone.
  3. Less face paint on cheeks and lips.
  4. Eyelashes are softer and match the doll’s hair color closer.
  5. “© Pleasant Co” imprint on the back of the neck.
  6. Chubbier limbs.
  7. Larger feet.
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When did American Girl sell Mattel?

Rowland built American Girl into a $300 million (sales) business and sold it to Mattel in 1998 for $700 million.

What should I name my doll?

Names for Toy Dolls with Personalities

  • Thumbelina.
  • Princess Lia.
  • Lady Agnes.
  • Leisha.
  • Danka.
  • Véronique.
  • Miss Moffit.
  • Bella Izza.

What are Pre-Mattel dolls?

Pre-Mattel Dolls (or PM Dolls) is a fandom term for the dolls that were released and available before Mattel fully owned American Girl, from the launch of the company in 1986 to 1999. These are also called PC dolls, after Pleasant Company. When Mattel purchased the company in 1998, they began to make several changes to the doll structure.

What are the original Pleasant Company American Girl dolls?

The original dolls were Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha and Molly. In 1998 the Pleasant Company was sold to Mattel, Inc. thereby making original Pleasant Company dolls a collector’s item. There are many ways of telling the difference between a pre and post-Mattel American Girl doll. Remove the doll’s apparel to find out if the doll is signed.

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What are the most valuable American Girl dolls?

The most prized dolls are the ones manufactured by American Girl’s original owner, Pleasant Company, which was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland. She sold the company to Mattel in 1998, and in 2008, Mattel began “retiring” the original four American Girls—Samantha, Kirsten, Molly and Felicity—making them extra-valuable as collector’s items.

Are Josefina dolls American girl or Mattel?

Most Josefina dolls released are Mattel dolls as she was released just before the Mattel purchase. No characters after Kit Kittredge, including Kit, were available as PC. The first twenty My American Girl dolls and some versions of Bitty Baby can also be PM/PC.