Is Alwar safe for tourists?

Is Alwar safe for tourists?

Getting Captivated by the City From forts, palaces and temples to parks and scenic beauty, Alwar offers it all to tourists. The Sils Serh Lake and Sariska Tiger Reserve offer an insight into the natural beauty that this city is blessed with.

Is Alwar good place to live?

Alwar is a place where the crime rate is very low to the rest of Rural Rajasthan and other neighbouring cities. Its one of the safest place to live.

Why is Alwar famous?

Alwar is one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan. Paradoxically, the city is also the most recent of the Rajput kingdoms. Its traditions can be traced back to the realms of Viratnagar that flourished here around 1500 BC. Alwar is famous for its majestic fort and its delicious milk cake.

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How are Alwar people?

The people and lifestyle of Alwar showcases the unique cultural richness of Rajasthan. The people are very rigid and enthusiastic by nature. They celebrate a variety of festivals in association with traditional dance and vibrant music. Hinduism is the main religion practiced by the major population in Alwar.

Who is husband of Uttara?

Uttarā (Mahabharata)

Family Virata (Father), Sudeshna (Mother), Uttara, Shveta, Shankha (elder brothers)
Spouse Abhimanyu
Children Parikshit

Is Alwar a good place to visit from New Delhi?

The city comes under the NCR region and forms for a great weekend getaway from New Delhi – as Alwar is a small beautiful and peaceful place with no pollution. Among other reasons to Alwar is to visit the Sariska Tiger Reserve and the mysterious Bhangarh Fort.

Is Alwar a city or a district?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Alwar is part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. The hilly district of Rajasthan state is situated 150 km north of Jaipur, the state capital. It is also known as Matsya Nagar (Fish City) and the Tiger Gate of Rajasthan. Locals celebrate Kite Festival annually on Rakshabandhan day.

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What makes Alwar one of the most interesting cities in Rajasthan?

Surrounded by Aravali hills, Alwar is a pretty city of rich culture and heritage. The majestic fort, beautiful City Palace and the colorful markets make Alwar one of the most interesting cities in Rajasthan. Alwar has been one of the oldest of Rajasthani Kingdoms and one of the first Rajput states to align itself with the British empire.

What is Alwar famous for?

Apart from being a popular tourist centre, Alwar also draws pride from its reputation of being featured in a number of Bollywood movies. It is also famous for the Mega Alwar Trade fair held at Dussehra Ground every year and handmade Papier-mâché (literally ‘chewed paper’). Alwar is also famous for Alwar ka Mawa, a sweet preparation.