Is i3 2120 still good?

Is i3 2120 still good?

Splendid. The Intel® Core™ i3-2120 is a great little processor for a budget gaming system. I would check the memory that you have select as almost all the Kingston HyperX is running at 1.65v and the 2nd generation Intel Core processors only support 1.5v ±5\% (1.425v to 1.575v).

How can I improve my Intel Core i3 performance?

How to Increase Computer Speed

  1. 1) Use Microsoft Fix It.
  2. 2) Reduce Items that Run on Startup.
  3. 3) Remove Programs No Longer In Use.
  4. 4) Clean Your Drive.
  5. 5) Consider Switching From Internet Explorer to Chrome.
  6. 6) Clean Your Browser.
  7. 7) Scan For And Remove Malware.
  8. 8) Scan For And Remove Viruses and Spyware.

Can I play games with an i3 processor?

Though Core i3 CPUs serve as the entry point of Intel’s Core processor lineup, they still can take on gaming. Your rig won’t be anywhere near as fast as if you had a Core i5 part, but you can still pair it with a graphics card.

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Will Sims 3 work on Intel Core i3?

It will be fine for the Sims 3. I have a friend who plays it on a 4th gen Intel i5-4210u with the Intel HD 4400 graphics core on 1920×1080 resolution and I am pretty sure all of her settings were on high. A 7th Core i3-7100u with a more powerful Intel HD 620 graphics core should have no problems.

What do I need to run The Sims 4?


  1. Operating system: 64 Bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 or faster, AMD Athlon X4.
  3. Memory (RAM): 4 GB RAM.
  4. Hard drive (free space): At least 18 GB of free space.
  5. DVD drive: DVD-ROM drive required for installation from disc only.
  6. Graphics card (video): NVIDIA GTX 650 or better.

What games can I play with i3-2120?

If you can get into the 900GTs, you can run Civ4, WoW on High settings, Skyrim, and Call of Duty.

Is i3 laptop slow?

the reason why your computer runs slow when you are using core i3 with 4 GB ram , the issue might be too many antivirus which are running at the same time plus you have to first considered the memory of hard disk you are using can be another issue of that.

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Is Intel Core i3 still good?

They have enough power for high-end gaming, intensive image editing work and video editing. Intel’s Core i3 CPUs are usually the least-discussed these days, but they still exist and are a great choice for low-cost family PCs and ultra-budget gaming desktops.

Is Core i3 4th Gen good for gaming?

With its current 4th-Generation Core CPUs (also known by their development code-name, “Haswell”), Intel has been a bit more aggressive with its pricing. And indeed, the Core i3-4130 is a fine choice for gamers who also want fairly speedy general CPU performance, and who plan to use a dedicated graphics card.

Why does my computer get hot when I play Sims 4?

But your problem is caused by too less cooling when you play this game. It is the video card which causes the computer to get hot. Not the CPU or other parts of the computer. The problem with a game like the Sims 4 is that it makes the video card work very hard and especially if you play it with high settings.

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Will TS4 make my CPU run hotter?

A unit closer to “minimum” than “recommended” will work harder and run hotter than one that is newer and therefore has more powerful components. Even though TS 4 isn’t a particularly fast-paced high graphics game, its complex programming will cause the CPU to work harder, get hotter and the fan will respond by running at an higher RPM.

Does playing the Sims 4 drain your CPU?

Not the CPU or other parts of the computer. The problem with a game like the Sims 4 is that it makes the video card work very hard and especially if you play it with high settings. Expensive video cards use a lot of power and also drains the battery when you play such games. Therefore they need a lot of cooling.

How to keep laptop cool while playing Sims 4?

A cooling pad would be a good idea, especially with using the laptop on your lap. I usually put something like a big book underneath my laptop so my legs don’t get extra crispy. Most laptops don’t do well on laps or soft surfaces like blankets or cushions. The Sims 4 is a massive game which asks a lot from your computer.