Is it easy to clear Nism exam?

Is it easy to clear Nism exam?

Before taking the NISM exam, many students make such an assumption that NISM certification exams are very difficult to pass. Although this exam is not very easy to clear, but by preparing with a correct strategy, the probability to pass the NISM test increases significantly.

Can we cheat in Nism online exam?

Candidate/s found adopting any of above acts of cheating / unfair means may or may not be issued a Prohibitive-Warning. Such Candidate/s identity and communication details shall be noted down by Proctor/s. If a candidate/s had passed such examination, the certificate/s shall not be issued against such examination.

Is NISM 8 exam tough?

NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Certification Examination is an entry level exam for professionals working in the equity derivatives segment, e.g., dealers, brokers, etc. The exam is one of the most difficult exams of NISM with a nation-wide pass rate of less than 50\%.

How can I clear my Nism exam?

Steps to pass NISM Exam in First Attempt

  1. Select the Right Exam and Study Material.
  2. Read the Workbook cover-to-cover.
  3. Take PrepCafe Mocks (Practice Exams)
  4. Register and Enroll Online on NISM Certifications Portal.
  5. Pass the Exam.
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How many times can I attempt NISM exam?

In case I appear and successfully pass same NISM Certification Examination multiple number of times even though my earlier NISM certificates are still in force, except in case of renewal in the last 12 months of validity of such certificate, then Certificate requests against such enrolments shall be summarily rejected/ …

Which course is best in Nism?

Here are the Best Books for NISM Certification:

  • NISM Equity Derivatives:
  • NISM Series V-C Mutal Fund Distributor Level 2:
  • Mutual Fund Foundation:
  • NISM-Series-XII: Securities Market Foundation:
  • NISM Securities Operations & Risk Management:
  • NISM Currency Derivatives:
  • Mutual Fund Distributors in Hindi:

Is NISM conducting exams in 2021?

Launch of NISM-Series-XIX-B: Alternative Investment Funds (Category III) Distributors Certification Examination w.e.f November 12, 2021. NISM commences Remote Proctored Certification Examinations” w.e.f October 19, 2020.