Is Karin actually Saradas mother?

Is Karin actually Saradas mother?

Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin possibly being her mother, however; he wasn’t sure. However, Suigetsu made a mistake and actually used a DNA sample of Sakura while thinking it was Karin’s. Therefore, Karin is not the mother of Sarada and in actual fact, Sarada’s mother is Sakura.

Does sarada ever find out Sakura is her real mom?

Sarada eventually learns from Sakura that she is her biological mother. After she confirms this, Sasuke says that Sarada’s existence shows the connection between him and Sakura. Karin later explains that she was Sakura’s midwife when Sasuke and Sakura were travelling together.

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Is Sarada an Uzumaki?

Sarada was born from an Uchiha and Sakura’s family isn’t related to the Uzumaki clan at all. Uchiha and Uzumakis don’t share the same blood and since Karin isn’t Sarada’s mother, she doesn’t have Uzumaki traits.

Does Sasuke have Karin’s DNA?

Karin’s DNA was transferred to Sasuke and that’s why Sagrada resembles her so much ❤️❤️❤️ | Naruto facts, Anime naruto, Naruto pictures.

Why is Karin’s umbilical cord Sakura?

Karin keeping the umbilical cord is a sign of good faith and the symbol of Karin’s and Sakura’s friendship. They both shared the connection of loving the same guy (Sasuke) and Sarada’s birth. In Sarada’s Gaiden, the whole purpose of the story was that bonds doesn’t have to be blood related and neither does family.

Who is Sarada real parents?

Sasuke Uchiha
Sakura Haruno
Sarada Uchiha/Parents

Do you still think Karin is Sarada’s mother?

Sarada is in fact Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter and Karin was Sakuras midwife who helped deliver Sarada. So after that, do you still believe that Karin is Saradas mother? If not, too bad. But she really is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Good day! The DNA from Karin comes from the time Sasuke bit her body for chakra..

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Is Sakura Sarada’s biological mother?

It is official that Sakura is Saradas biological mother! Karin herself says she was the one that delivered Sakuras baby in 700+10! Karin goes on to scold Suigetsu for misguiding Sarada. I kinda feel sorry for those who pours their heart and soul editing Sarada’s page only to have it reverted.

Why did Sarada destroy Sakura’s house?

Sarada went home and asked Sakura about Sasuke, she got angry and literally destroyed the house. Sarada took care of Sakura and went home to get the family portrait, there she finds Sasuke’s image with someone who looks similar to her, Karin! So lets just go ahead and mention that Sarada and Karin look alike, very similar to each other in fact.

Is Karin working with the shins?

A person theory I have, which might be far-fetched is that Karin is working with the Shins. She wanted a child to have a vessel for Shin, so she used Sasuke’s DNA and mixed it with her own to create Sarada. For some reason, Sarada was taken away from Karin, maybe due to suspicions of her intentions.

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