Is Konya a good place to live?

Is Konya a good place to live?

Konya could be the perfect place for those seeking a more calm and devout life surrounded by majestic architecture that witnessed many civilizations; the Roman, Seljuks, Karamanids, and Ottomans, to name a few. Compared to Istanbul and Ankara or Antalya and Muğla, Konya is an affordable city to live and retire in.

Is Konya Turkey safe?

Is Konya safe? Konya is one of the safest cities in Turkey, with very little crime of any kind. This makes sense, since Konya is an extremely conservative and religious city; people mind their behavior because of their commitment to their faith.

What is good about living in Turkey?

Turkey scored highest in the “Living” category, ranking first for “cultural, open and welcoming communities” and “ease of settling in”. Expats also praised Turkey for its “sunny skies and low cost of living”.

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Is Turkey a good place to immigrate?

Turkey is a comfortable country for living not only in terms of the favourable climatic conditions and friendly people but also because of the low cost of living. After you immigrate to Turkey, you will notice that the prices for food, basic services, utility bills, and accommodation are reasonable.

How old is Konya Turkey?

Konya, 261 km (162 miles) south of Ankara (map), is Turkey’s city of Whirling Dervishes, and has been for 800 years.

Did the Mongols invade Konya?

Kaykhusraw advanced from Konya some 320 kilometres (200 miles) up to Köse Dağ. The Mongolian army entered the area in June 1243 and awaited the march of the Seljuks and their allies. The early stage of the battle was indecisive. The Sultan’s forces suffered the greater casualties and he decided to withdraw at night.

Why do people move to Turkey?

So while there are a few well-documented cons, as you’ll read below, remember the overarching reason that most people move to Turkey. Three hundred days of sunshine, an unhurried pace of life, long lunches and walks along the beach or into the mountains. You can’t beat it.

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What do expats to Turkey think about Kurban Bayram?

Expats to Turkey often find some cultural practices disconcerting, even upsetting. For example, kurban bayram, the sacrificial feast held in June, is often a shock to new residents in Turkey who find it confronting that animals are sacrificed – even if this traditional holiday is all about helping your neighbours out.

What happens when you travel to Turkey with a baby?

Warning: if you travel to Turkey, prepare to be befriended. You’ll be invited round for lunch when you ask a stranger for directions; your baby will have his cheeks pinched by shopkeepers; your waiter will offer to teach you Turkish.

Is Fethiye the best place to retire in Turkey?

In Fethiye, it’s 60\% cheaper to buy a property than in Malaga, and 87\% cheaper than coastal favourite Nice, France. The low cost of living is a large factor for anyone wishing to retire in Turkey on a strong currency: the Euro, the Pound or the Dollar.

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