Is Labour commissioner an IAS officer?

Is Labour commissioner an IAS officer?

It was formed in February 1987 by amalgamating 3 bodies: Labour Officers (Central Pool), Central Industrial Relations Machinery and Welfare Organisation of the Ministry of Labour….Central Labour Service.

Service Overview
Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) Shri DPS Negi
Head of the Civil Services
Cabinet Secretary Shri Rajiv Gauba, IAS

What is the post of ALC?

ALC Recruitment 2021 Salary and Promotion: Promotion

Grade Posts
III DyCLC(c), LWC, WC, Director
II Additional CLC(c), Dy Director General
I Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)

Who is ALC officer?

They are conciliation officers under the I.D. Act (Section 4). They intervene and prevent the industrial disputes and maintain harmonious Industrial Relations. The ALCs as Conciliation Officers intervene into the industrial disputes and maintain harmonious Industrial Relations.

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What is the use of Labour card in India?

Types of Labour Cards in India Social Card. Building Card.

What are the powers of Labour commissioner?

The Organisation of Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) (CLC(C) is entrusted with the following functions.

  • Prevention and settlement of industrial disputes through conciliation/mediation.
  • Enforcement of Labour Laws and Rules made there under in Central Sphere.
  • Quasi-Judicial functions.

How do I become ALC?

  1. Bachelor degree in Law.
  2. Degree/Diploma in Labour Relations.
  3. Degree/Diploma in Social Science.
  4. Degree/Diploma in Social Welfare.
  5. Degree/Diploma in Social Work.
  6. Diploma in Labour Laws and Administrative Laws.
  7. Diploma in Labour Laws from the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi.

What is ALC in IAS?

UPSC Assistant Labour Commissioner (ALC) Syllabus.

What is Labor Welfare?

Labour Welfare – Meaning Labour welfare relates to taking care of the well-being of workers by employers, trade unions, governmental and non-governmental institutions and agencies. Welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages.

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What are the benefits of labor card?

Labour Shramik Card Benefits After registering, the worker is entitled to get an accidental insurance cover and permanent disability of 2 lakh and Rs 1 lakh for partial disability under PMSBY. In future, all the social security benefits of unorganised workers will be delivered through this portal.

What social benefits are given to Labours?

Towards this end, following separate legislations have been enacted by Parliament to set up five Welfare Funds to be administered by Ministry of Labour to provide housing, medical care, educational and recreational facilities to about 49 lakh beedi workers, 73,650 mine workers and 68,000 cine workers:- 1.

What is Central Labour Service (CLS)?

Central labour service (CLS) is a organised group A service who’s cadre controlling ministry is Ministry of Labour and Employment GOI. It was created in 1987 . After the first cadre review it was made organised group A Service in the year 2004. The service consists of Five grades.

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Who is the new Minister of Labour and employment in India?

Hon’ble Minister Shri Bhupender Yadav & Hon’ble Minster of State Shri Rameswar Teli took charge of his office in the Ministry of Labour and Employment on 08-07-2021. Secretary, MoLE (Sh. Apurva Chandra) Chairs first BRICS Employment Working Group Meeting.

What are the benefits available to salaried employees in India?

Employees: Benefits allowable List of benefits available to Salaried Persons* [AY 2022-23] S. N. Section Particulars Benefits A. Allowances 1. 10(13A) House Rent Allowance (Sec. 10(13A)& Rule 2A) Least of the following is exempt: a) Actual HRA Received b) 40\% of Salary (50\%, if house situated in Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi or Madras)

How to become an Asstt Labour Commissioner (Central)?

To be a Asstt labour commissioner (central) or to be precise to join Central Labour Service (CLS) you need to be a graduate and have a diploma in labour laws or a pg in labour laws or a MBA in personal management or HR or LLB or equivalent .