Is Radiohead better than The Beatles?

Is Radiohead better than The Beatles?

For over 30 years, The Beatles have ruled supreme as the definitive British rock band. Now both Radiohead records have overtaken Beatles’ classics Abbey Road and The White Album in the poll, which is based on 200,000 votes from musicians, industry professionals, critics, and fans.

Are Radiohead popular?

As of 2011, Radiohead have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Seven Radiohead singles have reached the top 10 on the UK Singles Chart: “Creep” (1992), “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” (1996), “Paranoid Android” (1997), “Karma Police” (1997), “No Surprises” (1998), “Pyramid Song” (2001) and “There There” (2003).

Is Radiohead’s “Radiohead” a good song?

Radiohead’s biggest hit is so beautiful and corny, it is impossible to accept it on its own terms. “I want you to notice when I’m not around,” Yorke broods, a perfect lyric he probably hates. In the end, the band’s disavowal of the song sent its credibility full circle.

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Who is Radiohead’s Jonathan Greenwood?

Once the band’s secret weapon, Greenwood is now a garlanded composer and Radiohead’s melodic powerhouse. Finally entrusted to build an arrangement from scratch, he turned the live favourite Burn the Witch into this orchestral jaunt. The iffy tour version – shorn of strings and charm – attests to his handiwork on the recording.

What is Radiohead’s Scatterbrain?

An unsung gem from Hail to the Thief, Scatterbrain prescribes halting rhythms and deconstructed chords to a narrator fretting over his identity. As birds and newspaper pages thrash in a gale, Yorke, too, longs for chaos. The tantalising, unresolved chords mock him, but enchant us. Radiohead … 2016 vintage. Photograph: PR Company Handout 32.

Is Radiohead’s ‘ Spectre’ about Randy Newman?

As a stand-alone, though, it’s irresistible, suggesting an unlikely kinship between Radiohead and the venerable pop cynic Randy Newman: musical-theatre flair weaponised against tabloid hysteria. 38. Spectre (2015) The band’s rejected Bond theme has assumed the identity of a curiously viable Radiohead song.

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