Is the FIITJEE Kalu Sarai better than Punjabi Bagh in 2021?

Is the FIITJEE Kalu Sarai better than Punjabi Bagh in 2021?

FIITJEE kalu sarai gave amazing results in 2019. However in 2020 and 2021 i have observed that the results of Punjabi Bagh are better than kalu sarai. Which indicates that Punjabi bagh is performing better lately. Being a student of Punjabi bagh myself i can vouch for the teachers that they are the best in Delhi.

What is the difference between FIITJEE and VMC?

Fiitjee has approx 60 students in their droppers batch here in Delhi (Kalu Sarai and punjabi bagh Centre) while vmc has around 80-90 students. About batch quality, Yes you are right Vmc is a better one provided you get in after that fiitjee south delhi then punjabi bagh. Is VMC better than Narayana?

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Is it necessary to clear KVPY and Olympiads for the FIITJEE?

VMC is short sighted.The reason for such dishonest answer is to sound trendy. As FIITJEE is a larger brand.You’ll get a larger pool of people with dissatisfaction. Therefore such reply confirms confirmation bias.And bias is transmuted into up-vote. You WOULD be encouraged to clear KVPY and Olympiads in FIITJEE.

What is the difference between Class 3 and 4 in JEE Mains?

3 they totally focus on that 20 or 30 students of top batch who are going to get good rank in jee mains . 4 also they don’t have any separate doubt sessions and teacher also neglect for taking doubts.

Is it better to join a lower batch in FIITJEE or not?

However, in FIITJEE, you are on your own.. You like to study and you’re intelligent, you’ll be given attention.. if you are in lower batches, you’re doomed, unless you’re able to bring yourself to higher level, yourself. So, which is better?

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Which is better VMC or FIITJEE Test series?

I will say FIITJEE Test Series are better than VMC’s. Overall, The way of teaching in FIITJEE and VMC is very different. VMCians are much more open minded, they solve problems from very basic and have better feel.. FIITJEEians usually have done million cases of the same problem in class.. I preferred the way VMC taught.

How to apply for the FIITJEE entrance exam?

For Online Registration, please visit website, Go to “Register Now” button and Choose the Test Date, you wish to appear for the test. Follow the steps mentioned thereafter by filling all the details and making the payment to get the hall ticket for the test. 2. What is the syllabus and difficulty level of the paper?

What is the difference between FIITJEE Janak Puri and Punjabi Bagh?

FIITJEE Janak Puri was in vicinity while FIITJEE Punjabi Bagh is 20 monutes by road ( ignoring traffic havocs) and 45 Minutes by metro. JEE preparations mostly depend on self study and study material. It varies from student to student on how to go about it. So its going to ultimately how you study at home.

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How many batches are there in FIITJEE PB?

The number of batches, you will notice that FIITJEE PB has just too many batches in their one program. The batches are ordered numerically and are alloted on merit basis of your phase tests. Meaning you will be in the first batch if you are scoring really well ( cream layer ) or you will be in the 2,3,…8 depending upon your performance.

Did FIITJEE students tread the path of Glory with phenomenal performance in 2018?

FIITJEE Students Tread the Path of Glory with Stupendous Performance in CBSE Class XII Board 2018! FIITJEE Students Tread the Path of Glory with Phenomenal Performance in JSTSE 2018! To Know FIITJEE Admission Test / Reward Exam / Other Results Click Here…