Was Kid A good album?

Was Kid A good album?

Kid A debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and went on to be one of the most acclaimed albums of the decade (even Rolling Stone ranked it No. 1 on their Best Albums of the 2000s list).

Why did Radiohead name their album Kid A?

The title Kid A came from a filename on one of Yorke’s sequencers. Yorke said he liked its “non-meaning”, saying: “If you call [an album] something specific, it drives the record in a certain way.”

How did Radiohead make Kid A?

Radiohead’s sound got “warped” for Kid A. Fans of Warp Records will immediately hear the influence of the label on Kid A, specifically the work of revered electronic artists Aphex Twin and Autechre. Yorke devoured both of those artists’s work after the band’s OK Computer tour was over.

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Why does pitchfork delete reviews?

Template:Original research section Pitchfork has been criticized for deleting older reviews from their archive in an effort to keep up with the changing trends in indie music. One such example is the 9.5/10 review written for ska band Save Ferris’ album It Means Everything.

What kind of music genre is Radiohead?

Art rock alternative

Origin Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Genres Art rock alternative rock electronica experimental rock
Years active 1985–present
Labels XL Ticker Tape Ltd. Hostess TBD Parlophone Capitol

What does the Radiohead logo mean?

Radiohead Bear Meaning The “Tree Like a Grinning Skull” sketch is reminiscent of much of Burchfield’s art work during this time period. In both his house paintings and nature art, Burchfield tends to imbue an otherworldly and often unsettling energy into landscapes that usually feel safe and in some cases even boring.

What is Kid A theory?

“The Kid A Theory” is a fan-made album, made by The Radiohead Reddit Community, full of Demos, Outtakes, Live Songs, and Alternate Takes.

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