What are some bitter truths about life at the IIMs?

What are some bitter truths about life at the IIMs?

The Bitter Truths About Life At IIMs

  • Placements –
  • Cut-throat competition – You have to dish out your A-game or you will be beaten by your peers.
  • Fake CV Points – In all probability, 25\% of a person’s CV is fake.
  • Conceptual understanding?
  • Quality of Professors – The pathetic quality of teachers will shock you!

Can poor people study in IIM?

ANSWERS (4) Yes, Everyone can afford the fee of an IIM. Over the years IIMs have ensured that there are no dropouts because of financial reasons. They provide several scholarships to the needy people.

What is the call cut off of IIM?

IIM Call Cut Off is actually the percentile rank of the lowest position holder in the list of candidates selected for the admission process of an IIM. There is no official call cut off of the IIMs. Each institute releases their individual merit list and cut off of candidates who are called for the final rounds of admission the institute.

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Does IIM-C consider graduation score for shortlisting?

IIM C does not consider your graduation scores for shortlisting. Also, IIM C does not consider work experience while calling candidates for interview. Hence, if the class X and class XII scores are fine (above 80\%), a 99.7 percentile can guarantee a call.

What are the factors taken into consideration for admission in IIM?

In IIM selection process, the factors taken into consideration for admission are: 1 Performance in CAT exam 2 Performance in Class 10th, 12th and Graduation 3 Performance in WAT/GD-PI 4 Academic diversity 5 Gender diversity 6 Work experience

Is it possible to get into IIMs with poor academics?

Excluding IIM Bangalore and Shillong to some extent, it is possible to get into other IIMs despite having some glitches in your academic record. Before answering the question of how to get into IIM with poor academics, it is imperative to define the term ‘poor academics’.